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History of Hate

Album: ''History of Hate'' (1988)
1. The Enigma
2. Freedom Now
3. History of Hate
4. Constructing the Apocalypse
5. Slow Death
6. Outconditioned
7. Slaves of Power
8. Joy Division
9. Never trust

Decay of Humanity

Album: ''Decay of Humanity'' (1990)
1. Decay of Humanity
2. Cry For Liberty
3. Delusion
4. Victims of Vanity
5. A Distant Territory
6. Silent Screaming
7. Radiated
8. Satanic Verses

Beyond All Reason

Album: ''Beyond All Reason'' (1992)
1. Beyond Comprehension
2. Deaf and Blind
3. Imported Love
4. The Day of Desperation
5. In the Deep
6. Rage in the Eyes
7. Burnt Out Souls
8. Son of the Wild
9. Crossed in Sorrow



There are five bands called Despair: On the main picture you may see the japanese one.

1) Despair was a technical thrash metal band from Germany, featuring multi-instrumentalist Waldemar Sorychta. They release their first album "History of Hate" in 1988 with following line-up:

Waldemar Sorychta – guitar, vocals
Robert Kampf – vocals
Markus Freiwald – drums
Marek Greschek – guitar
Klaus Pachura - bass

In 1990, they released their second album, "Decay of Humanity" with Andreas Hentschel as vocalist. Two years after, in 1992, "Beyond All Reason" album came out, but then Despair split, and Sorychta continued his work with Voodoocult and Grip, Inc.

2) DESPAIR produce the most extreme form of industrial music in existence in Japan today.
Latest 5-track EP 'Deserted Technology Riot' (2006/12/02) redefines the brutal vision first laid out in 2004's debut 'Beautiful Japanese Sight', with track speeds reaching the 180-220bpm mark.
First vomited forth by a stagnant Japanese music scene in 2001, DESPAIR quickly rose to prominence thanks to an uncompromisingly aggressive sound and dynamic stage presence.
In 2005, DESPAIR made their European debut with dates in the U.K. and at 'Wave Gotik Treffen', sharing the stage with such luminaries as Psyclon Nine and Haujobb.
Guitar, bass and drums - the traditional tools of a rock band - have been abandoned in favour of a totally technological approach.
All original and found sounds are mangled and re-processed into a brutal industrial sound-collage which recalls the structural approach of classic Skinny Puppy, punctuated by periods of ambient tranquility reminiscent of a melancholy film score.
This musical style is mirrored in the lyrics, where the intentionally-scrambled English forms new rhythmic patterns of meaning akin to the cut-up texts of William Burroughs, delivered in the twin primal screams of front-duo Rieu and Ana.

DESPAIR - the cyberpunk soundtrack of 21st-century Tokyo's disaffected underground.

3) DESPAIR was a 90's metallic hardcore band, fronted by Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive, Slugfest, among others). And then, there was moshing...

4) Black Metal band from Wales, UK. Releasing their debut EP on Scottish experimental label, Dead Eternity Records.

5) Heavy metal band from Poland. They released their first promo 'No Escape'. More info here:

Technical Thrash/Speed Metal

Germany (Dortmund), formed in 1986

Century Media


Andreas Henschel - Vocals
Marek Grzeszek - Guitars
Waldemar Sorychta - Guitars (Grip Inc., ex-Voodoocult, Eyes Of Eden, Enemy of the Sun)
Klaus Pachura - Bass (Dark Millennium)
Markus Freiwald - Drums (Kreator, Voodoocult)

Robert Kampf - Vocals


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