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Thriving On Carnage

Album: ''Thriving On Carnage'' (2002 EP)
1. Flock
2. Torchure
3. Miscloned
4. Masochistic Masculinity
5. Cover Up
6. Hidden In The Ground
7. Sacred Slaughter

Bought Beauty/Gastrophobia

Album: ''Bought Beauty/Gastrophobia'' (2004 Split album)
1. Stonerain
2. Smugness
3. Meltdown Mutation
4. Black Gold
5. Bought Beauty
6. PVP (on the rocks)
7. Pop-Corpse
8. My Fork is a Poltergeist (part 1)
9. Rosted Gambas
10. Too Young to Die
11. Some Bothering Story 2
12. Brain Ice Cream
13. My Fork is a Poltergeist (part 2)
14. Vomit on You
15. Too Young To Die (alternate version)

Virus of Violence

Album: ''Virus of Violence'' (2006)
1. In The Grip of Fear
2. Martyr
3. Masochistic Masculinity
4. Religious Slaves
5. A Killer's Excuse
6. Struggling Existence
7. Evolution Swept Away
8. Introspective Exploration
9. Foetus In Fetu
10. Blind Allegiance
11. Corpus Terminalis
12. Sacred Slaughter
13. Salvagers of Souls



Desensitised came forth out of the band Catafalque with members Susan, Steven and Rutger. They released their first MCD "Thriving On Carnage" in July 2002. They got back into the studio in June 2003 to record for their new MCD "Bought Beaty" wich was released in June 2004. The band then took a major change in the Line-up, with only Susan remaining as an original member.
In February 2005 they recorded their first full-length album "Virus of Violence", wich was supposed to be released later that year, but do to lack of a record label wasnt released. now in 2006 they found a label and are going to release "Virus of Violence".
Susan : Guitar | Wilbert : Vocals | Jeroen : Bass | Martijn : Drums

Brutal Death Metal/Grind

Netherlands (Nieuwstadt/Limburg), formed in 1998

Pathos Productions


Susan Gerl - Guitar, Vocals (Cliteater)
Wilbert Janssen - Vocals (Defcon One)

Jozef - Bass, Vocals
Dennis - Vocals (Severe Torture (live gigs in 2004))
Jeroen Gelissen - Bass
Rutger Noij - Drums (Suppository)
Mark Raets - Bass
Martijn - Drums (State:Chaos)
Rick - Drums
Steven Vaassen - Vocals


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