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Under The Sign Of Terror

Album: ''Under The Sign Of Terror'' (1993 Demo)
1. Failed Society
2. The Rules Of Church
3. Enslaved By The System
4. Spiiritual Desiquilibrium

Album: ''Chaotic Reality'' (1995 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Chaotic Reality
3. Invitation To Reflection
4. Failed Society

War ? Split With Plague Rages

Album: ''War ? Split With Plague Rages'' (1998 Split album)
1. We Need To Change
2. Broken Peace
3. The World Falls Down On Shit
4. Destroy The Pessimism
5. A Start At Least (Agathocles Cover)
6. Kill The Patriarch


There are multiple bands with the name Desecration:

1) Desecration was a thrash-inflected hardcore punk band from Arizona, prominent back in the late '80s. They had a sound very similar to grindcore forerunners like Siege and Repulsion though with more audible thrash metal influences. Desecration only released one 7" (the 'Who's in Control?' EP in 1987) before its members encountered a difference of musical direction within the band. The singer wanted to continue playing in their original style, whereas the others wanted a more goth/dark-wave sound. Since this was such an extreme polarization in stylistic ambition, Desecration split up.

2) Welsh death metal three piece Desecration have been causing controversy since 1995 when their ‘Gore & Perversion’ album was infamously seized and incinerated by the police due to it’s offensive content. The band was told to “tone right down” or get out of the business altogether…. Neither of these things happened!

Since then the band have gone from strength to strength with Murder In Mind, Inhuman, Pathway To Deviance and Gore & PerVersion 2 (a re-recording of the original album), each increasing the bands popularity and gaining them respect.

Within the death metal scene and media the band is regarded as one of the most brutal yet catchy bands around at this time.

Now, with over ten years of experience, six studio albums and countless live performances with the like of Vader, Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Deicide under their belts, the band are now touring to support their latest works ‘Process of Decay’. This is a concept album, dealing with the complete decomposition of a corpse from the moment of the murder through to the burial.

3) Brazil grindcore band formed in 1991. They have participated on a split called "Grindattack!" with Groinchurn, Parental Advisory and others. Discography: 1993 - Under The Sign Of Terror (Demo), 1995 - Chaotic Reality (Demo), 1997 - Broken Peace, 1998 - War? (Split with Plague Rages)

Grind/Death Metal

Brazil (Guarujá/SP), formed in 1991



Marcolino - Vocal
Liana - Bass
Sabugo - Drums
Eduardo - Guitar

Adriano - Lead Guitar
Robson - Drums
Van - Keyboards
Alessandro - Guitar
Marcos - Vocals
Oshi - Bass
Pedro - Guitar
Juca - Drums


Search lyrics by band name or use our Advanced Search engine: 
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