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Album: ''Revenge'' (2001 Demo)
1. Into The End
2. Astar's Destruction
3. Revenge
4. Fireland
5. Autumnal Symphony (Instr.)


Album: ''Incitement'' (2003 Demo)
1. Incitement
2. Anuby's Call
3. Cage Of Light

New Era Pt. 1

Album: ''New Era Pt. 1'' (2005)
1. Incipit
2. Beyond The Gate
3. Eternal Light
4. Nocturnal Fires
5. Anuby's Call
6. Incitement
7. Screams Of Agony
8. Where I Can Fly
9. Crystal Lake
10. Entering The Cage (Instr.)
11. Cage Of Light

New Era Pt. 2 - War of the Gods

Album: ''New Era Pt. 2 - War of the Gods'' (2007)
1. Overture
2. New Era
3. Betrayer
4. I Don't Wanna Die
5. Golstar's Rage
6. Why
7. Back To The Crystal
8. Immortal's Lair
9. The Hunter
10. Before The War
11. War Of The Gods



Derdian is a symphonic power metal band which was formed in 1998 by Marco Covelli (drums) and Enrico Pistolese (guitar). The band was initially a thrash metal cover band (Metallica, Megadeth, etc.). The two founders were joined in this project by Luigi Trapani (vocals/guitar) and by Samuele Carrari (bass). Everything changed when Marco and Enrico decided to abandon their former style and the trash metal in order to approach the power metal and to concentrate on composing original songs. The change in style made Luigi and Samuele leave the band. The new band was completed by the addition of Max Raineri(bass), Luca Aversa(lead guitar), Federico Bonetti(keyboards) and Andrea Figus(vocals).

In this new form, Derdian released their first self-produced demo-cd called "Revenge", positively reviewed/acclaimed by Power Zone magazine and by magazine). After the recording of the demo, new line-up changes occurred: lack of time and some disagreements caused Federico and Max to leave the band. They were replaced by Marco Garau(keyboards) and Alessandro Colombo(bass), both of them ex-members of the already defunct "Eternal Glory". The band went on writing new songs and doing live shows. In January 2002, Luca Aversa(lead guitar) left the band for time reasons, being replaced by Massimo Sangiorgi who disagreed with the other members of the band and was consequently replaced. In February of the same year Derdian played a live show at the Indian's Saloon in Bresso(Mi) and in March at the Transilvania in Milan. In April the band took part in a contest at the Madigans in Osnago(Lc), but without the vocalist Andrea Figus who decided to leave the band because of some disagreements. It was Enrico who replaced him on vocals the evening of the contest. After this long and difficult period, the band went on writing new songs and finally the line-up reached a period of stability with the addition of Danny Glick(already member of SILENCE) on vocals and of Massimiliano Pitaro(lead guitar). Starting with December 2002, Derdian passed through a tough period and Danny Glick(vocals), Marco Covelli(drums), Massimiliano Pitaro(lead guitar) and Alessandro Colombo(bass) decided to leave the band. Nevertheless, they were willing to give the band a hand in looking for new members and for some time Derdian was joined by Marco Sivo, the singer from the Valas. Massimo Sangiorgi, the lead guitar came back to the band. Around the same time, Joe joined on vocals. But the rhythm parts remained unmanned, i.e. bass and drums. "Brutal" (Dark Cold Demon's Blood's bassist played temporarily). He was replaced by "Cristo", who became a member of the band. The new drummer, Salvatore, completed the present band.

A New Era starts for the Derdian! After recording "Incitement" Derdian decided to interrupt the collaboration with "Cristo" for musical divergences. November 2003 Fulvio officially took over bass-guitar. In March of 2004: the contract! Derdian signed their first record contract with Adrenaline/Steelheart Records. Derdian decided with regret to separate from the guitarist Flash for personal reasons. The new guitarist is Dario. 2005 marks the year of Derdian's first release, "A New Era, Part 1" under their label.

Power Metal

Knights, Honor, Life, War, Epic

Italy (Milan, Lombardy), formed in 1998

Magna Carta


Joe Cagianelli - Vocals
Enrico "Henry" Pistolese - Guitars, Harsh Vocals
Dario Radaelli - Guitars
Marco Banfi - Bass
Marco "Garry" Garau - Keyboards
Salvatore Giordano - Drums

Marco Covelli

Andrea Figus
Danny Glick (Silence (Ita), Helreid)
Marco Sivo (Time Machine, ex-Betoken, Valas, ex-PerpetualFire)
Luigi Trapani (also guitar)

Luca Aversa
Massimiliano Pitaro
Massimo Sangiorgi

Samuele Carrari
Max Raineri
Alessandro Colombo
Brutal (Dark Cold Demon's Blood)
Fulvio Manganini

Federico Bonetti


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