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Prepare For War

Album: ''Prepare For War'' (1994)
1. Intro (Prologue Of War) - Prepare For War
2. The Birth Of Diabolic Blood
3. The Earth Calls Me
4. Missein Anthropos
5. Hammer Of Damnation
6. The Return Of The Darkness And Evil (Bathory cover)
7. Celtic Sword Of Iron
8. A. Narain
9. Evocation
10. Chaoist
11. So Bar Gar
12. Dormant Entity
13. Final (Epilogue Of War)


Album: ''Stormblade'' (1996)
1. Burn The Witch
2. Domination
3. Red Light
4. Into The Cavern Light
5. Hatred Is Purity
6. Fight The War
7. Red Headed Maniac
8. Niggerslut
9. Stormblade And Intro

The Fire And The Wind

Album: ''The Fire And The Wind'' (1999)
1. The Eagle Spreads It`s Wings
2. Daggers And Ice
3. Demoniac Spell
4. Night Demons
5. Demons Of The Night
6. Myths Of Metal
7. Sons Of The Master
8. The Fire And The Wind

Demons Of The Night

Album: ''Demons Of The Night'' (1999 EP)
1. Night Demons
2. Demons Of The Night
3. Red Light II (1999 Goatlord Version)
4. Kill All The Faggots (Death Squad Anthem)



Demoniac was a metal band from New Zealand formed by Lindsay "Behemoth" Dawson and Sam "Heimdall" Totman. The musical style of the band varied dramatically throughout their career. Their earlier output was mostly black metal influenced, while their later work consisted of power metal style guitars and melodies with black metal style screaming vocals, and in that respect showed similarities to Children of Bodom. Demoniac toured Europe with acts such as Enslaved and Dark Tranquility.

Behemoth played bass in the studio, but in the band's later days they used a succession of live session players to allow him to fully focus on his vocal performance. The eventually hired Diccon Harper as a full-time bass player, but the band split before he could record anything with them. Demoniac relocated to London in 1997 due to the lack of exposure for their style of music in their home country. It was after this that Herman Li joined the band as second guitarist. After Demoniac split, he and Sam Totman went on to form DragonForce. Harper and drummer Matej Setinc were also briefly involved in the new band, and Behemoth performed as a guest on their "Inhuman Rampage" album.

Black/Traditional Metal

Metal, War, Satan, Alcohol, Race

New Zealand (Auckland, later went to London, UK), formed in 1993

Osmose Productions


Lindsay "Behemoth" Dawson - Vocals, Bass (DragonForce (guest))
Sam ``Heimdall`` Totman - Guitars, Keyboards (DragonHeart (UK)/DragonForce, Power Quest, Shadow Warriors)
Herman ``Shred`` Li - Guitars (DragonHeart (UK)/DragonForce, Shadow Warriors, Igor Belsky (guest))
Diccon Harper - Bass (live only) (DragonHeart (UK)/DragonForce, Voice of Destruction, Solstice (UK), Pagan Altar)
Matej Setinc - Drums (DragonHeart (UK))

The Magnus - Keyboards (1994)
Mark ``Adramolech`` Hamill - Drums (1994-1996) (Head Like a Hole/HLAH)


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