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Enter the Suffering

Album: ''Enter the Suffering'' (2007 EP)
1. Say Goodbye... To Your Beautiful Life
2. Enter the Suffering
3. Dark Circle



Demolisher is a Thrash/Death Metal from Helsinki, Finland.

The whole thing started in 2005, as Demolisher entered Hellhole studios to record "Deformation", a three-song compilation of thrashy death metal. The debut established the essence of Demolisher's sound – brutal and raw. But it was all about to evolve.

Demolisher encountered some turbulent changes during the year 2006. The band entered studios again to revise a new assault. This time four songs were recorded, but only one of them was released – with heavy re-arrangements. The single track "Red Flies" was a welcome recruit in Demolisher's production – the song got accepting reviews from the listeners.

The summer of 2006 predicted changes. The session members were finally replaced with dedicated musicians, and Demolisher was re-born with a completely fresh line-up. As this was the first steady and complete crew during the short history of Demolisher, the band started to rehearse like hell itself. The group found a common tone immediately, and composed a lot of new material. To nail the new base down, a live rehearsal recording was done at the end of 2006 by Jani Peltola. The urge was real, and soon Demolisher played their first gig at On The Rocks –club. The year 2007 is going to be like none other.
Entering the suffering of 2007

Today Demolisher is zealous and thirsty. Main course for the music is now set – the song arsenal represents different styles of death metal, like mixing the raw and blasting Florida style with hardcore smashing.

The third time is devastating. "Enter The Suffering" is a fresh breeding of the band - the new EP was recorded at D-studio in February 2007. The essence of this bloody red record is Demolisher's impression of modern death metal sound. When mashing together the parts for "Enter The Suffering", the band was not compiling three different songs into one record. The base idea was to create an entity. In the future, Demolisher has a vigorous urge to build a full-length album, as single tracks are nothing compared to a complete set of vile death metal.

Also, a Hardcore/Blues/Southern Rock band out of the GTA in Ontario, Canada that goes under the same name.

Death/Thrash Metal

dark side of human mind

Finland (Helsinki), formed in 2005



J. Ahlfors - Vocals
Markus Koski - Guitar
Riekki - Guitar
Suviala - Bass
Kasari - Drums (Stone, ex-Road Crew, ex-Amorphis, Pahuuden Prototyyppi)

M. Rytilahti - Bass


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