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Land Of Despair

Album: ''Land Of Despair'' (2004 Demo)
1. Despair
2. Heavy Dose
3. Among The Fallen
4. The Bell Tolls For Thee


Album: ''Decadence'' (2005)
1. Wrathful And Sullen
2. Heavy Dose
3. Black Eternity
4. Decadence
5. Foyer Of Hell
6. Among The Fallen
7. Dagger Of The Mind
8. War Within

3rd Stage of Decay

Album: ''3rd Stage of Decay'' (2006)
1. Corrosion
2. Claustrophobia
3. 3rd Stage of Decay
4. Theater of The Absurd
5. Settle The Score
6. Sculpture
7. Invert
8. Endgame



Decadence can refer to 4 different bands, one a Thrash metal band from Belgium, anther a neo-classical band, and lastly an A Cappella group at UC Berkeley.

1) Decadence is a young band formed in November of 2003. This was vocalist Kittys original idea of a melodic Death Metal band and since then Decadence has worked hard to make albums and playing live. Decadence is mostly a live band and love having shows and creating mosh pits.

Currently, Decadence music can be described as Thrash Metal with the heaviness of melodic Death Metal with no keyboards with the addition of aggressive female growls. The brutality and big influence of Thrash has made Decadence music stronger and more aggressive.

Three full-length albums and a demo have been recorded:
3rd Stage of Decay (2006),
The Creature (2005),
Decadence (2005),
Land of Despair (2003).

In April of 2005 Decadence entered the stage with Norwegian Ragnarok and Swedish Centinex in a big self financed show. Since then Decadence has continued to manage their own gigs.

2) Decadence has been proudly signed to Cold Meat Industry for their first album since the "Something to love, something to spend" LP in 2003. With their new album "Where do broken hearts go?", Decadence manage to create a perfect harmony between sophisticated Neo-Classical and Neo-Folk music; dramatic classical orchestrations, militaristic snares and soft melodies played by piano and acoustic guitars. Fragile innocence presented by female singer Eufrosyne, and completed by the cynical voice of Petros - a perfect combination of Romance and Sin.

Decadence have released very limited vinyls on prestigious labels before, that were instantly sold out.

3)Decadence is a thrash metal band from belgium formed in 1988
They made one album: "Gangs & Vicitms" in 1989

4) An old boston hardcore band, featured eg. on the mythic This is Boston not LA compilation, among The FU's, Gang green, etc.

Melodic Thrash Metal

Personal struggles, suffering, depression, anger

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 2003

HTI Records


Metallic Kitty - Vocals (Triton Enigma (Guest))
Kenneth Lantz - 1st Guitar (ex-Demented (Swe))
Simon Galle - 2nd Guitar
Joakim Antman - Bass (ex-Hellicon)
Erik Röjås - Drums (ex-Svartblod)

Peter Lindqvist - Drums (Canopy, ex-A-Bros)
Niclas Rådberg - Lead Guitar (Delusive)
Christian Lindholm - Rhythm Guitar
Roberto Vacchi Segerlund - Bass Guitar
Mikael Sjölund - Rhythm Guitar
Patrik Frögéli - Drums
Daniel Green - Rhythm Guitar


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