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Kill Maim Burn

Album: ''Kill Maim Burn'' (2003)
1. Kill Maim Burn
2. For God, Emperor and Fatherland
3. Hordes Of Chaos
4. The Fall Of Gondolin
5. Butchered Zombies
6. The Fifth Battle
7. Insane Human Butcher
8. Slaves To Darkness

Rage Of The Bloodbeast

Album: ''Rage Of The Bloodbeast'' (2004)
1. Blood For The Blood God
2. Chainsaw Masturbation
3. Rage of The Bloodbeast
4. Devourer of Worlds
5. Kiling In The Warzone
6. I Will Rape And Murder
7. Armies of Immortals
8. The Hellspawn
9. Ritual Killing
10. Wargrinder
11. Take My Pain

Torture Pit

Album: ''Torture Pit'' (2005)
1. Torture Pit
2. Butcherman
3. Debauchery Bloodpack
4. Cummin And Killing
5. Vitality Of Decay
6. Death Metal Warmachine
7. Horrors Of War
8. Meat Grinder
9. War And Glory - Guts And Gore
10. Gore Obsessed Murderers
11. Carnival Carnage
12. Klan Of Killers
13. Cult of Gore
14. Decadent Depravity Of The Dead
15. Blood For The Blood God (Pussy Version)

Back In Blood

Album: ''Back In Blood'' (2007)
1. Lords Of Battle
2. Baptise This World In Blood
3. Praise The Blood God
4. Back In Blood
5. Masters Of The Killing Art
6. Butcher Of Bitches
7. Death Metal Maniac
8. Manhunting
9. Alcohol Fueled Brutality
10. True To The Skull Throne (And Bound To Kill)
11. Storm Of Iron



The band was founded in 2002 and one year later released their first album "Kill Maim Burn". End of 2003 they toured together with Napalm Death. After a long search for a label they released their second studio-album "Rage of the Bloodbeast". Nowadays they play at big metal festivals such as the Bringer of Death III in September 2005 and tour in fall of this year through europe with Six Feet Under. November 17th 2005 their third album "Torture Pit" was released. In February 2006 they played a europe-tour with dismember. In June 2006 Dani was kicked out because he thrashed on stage with Thomas during their show at the "Queens of Metal Open Air".

For 2007 they announce on their website:

We proudly announce that Debauchery was signed by AFM Records!
The upcoming album "Back In Blood" will be released in 2007 as a double CD in a digipack containing 11 new Debauchery songs and 7 cover versions of Rammstein, the Beatles and many more!

Death Metal

Death, Splatter, War, Warhammer

Germany (Tamm&Stuttgart/Baden-Württemberg), formed in 2000

AFM Records


Thomas - Vocals
Jiasheng Wang aka Joshi - Guitar (Anasarca)
Simon - Guitar
Marc Jüttner - Bass (Seelenfrieden)
Oliver "Oli" Zellmann) - Drums (ex-Revenge of Insanity, Beast of Damnation (Ger))

Ronald Squire - Drums (2000-2003)
Eri - Guitars
Chris Vahlbruch - Guitars
Marco - Bass
Chris ''Mad Butcher'' Fischer - Bass
Heinze (Michael Heinz) - Bass (ex-Obscuritas, Exitus (Ger), ex-Temptamentum, ex-Corpse Grinding Machine, ex-Carrion (Ger), Beast of Damnation (Ger))
Daniel "Dani" Sandvoss - Guitar / Drums (ex-Luna Field)
Wolfi - Guitar (tour member 2000-2002)
Stefan - Bass (tour member 2002)
Andre - Bass (tour member 2002)
Thorsten - Guitar (tour member 2004)
Chris - Guitar (tour member 2006)


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