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The World Is Listening

Album: ''The World Is Listening'' (1999)
1. Black Caesar
2. Candyman Messiah
3. Bedtime Stories
4. Star Wars
5. Mad Preacher
6. T.W.I.L.
7. Sioux Replica
8. No One Remembers
9. White Flag
10. Blood On The Roots
11. Tales From The Sewer
12. The Bitter Taste

Album: ''Domination'' (2001)
1. Stoneage 2K
2. Room # 4
3. Gideons Pawnshop
4. Circle Of Pain
5. Domination
6. Hazardman
7. Soulfree
8. The Cradle
9. With Full Force
10. Star Wars live (Videotrack)


Album: ''Unleashed'' (2004)
1. Holy Caravan
2. Pleasuredome
3. Restrained
4. Elected
5. Inordinate Desire
6. Schizofrenia
7. Symphony For The Unholy
8. The Blood Remains
9. Hellraiser
10. Soulcollector
11. Unleashed



You could probably refer to DEBASE, from Malmoe Sweden as the band who defies all attempts to be labelled. Critics nationally as well as internationally, have in positive reviews put them in genres like doom, thrash, power and neo-metal and compared them to the likes of, to name a few, Machine Head, Rammstein, Metallica and Queensrÿche. Even though DEBASE’s music seems difficult to describe, there's really nothing complicated in their cocky delivered, brutal and above all catchy heavy metal, heavy being the main word. As Micko Twedberg (bass) simply puts it, "The DEBASE-sound is just the natural sound of us five combined." In 1996 Micko, together with guitarists Jonas Karlgren and Sigge Riesbeck, formed DEBASE and when lead singer Michael Hansson and the band’s first drummer Marten Hedener joined they quickly established themselves as a strong and powerful liveband. After cooperating with Roasting House Production "The World is Listening" was released in 1999 for the world to hear. The album was very well received when launched in Europe and after replacing drummer Hedener with Johan Helgesson DEBASE once again confirmed their reputation as being charismatic metalengines with an astonishing ability to conquer the stage. The stage is where they prove themselves as the tight, confident, hardworking band they are and if you haven't experienced DEBASE's live perfomance, you haven't really heard DEBASE.
After supporting Alice Cooper during the "Brutal Planet" tour in summer 2000 DEBASE returned to Roasting House for the second album "Domination" which was released in fall 2001. The opening track and first video, "Stoneage 2K" is a strong statement of the cynical way we treat each other and our planet. This strongly proved that Debase was really true metal and though high expectations were built-up no one was disappointed. The great response followed by "Domination" reached its climax in November that year when DEBASE toured Scandinavia warming up for Judas Priest and as usual the five piece combo delivered. Six months later it was time for another European crusade, tearing up the roads with Canadian thrashers Annihilator. Having roared 30 stages in 10 countries and newly signed to Sanctuary / Noise Records, the time had come to record their third studio album, "Unleashed". This unstrained manifesto truly confirms their strength and skill, giving meaning to what ´s been referred to as DEBASE-metal.

Biography by Eva Grahn @

Micko Twedberg bass
Jonas Karlgren guitar
Sigge Riesbeck guitar
Michael Hansson vocals
Johan Helgesson drums

Groove/Doom Metal

Sweden (Malmö), formed in 1996

Currently Looking


Micke Hansson - lead vocals
Sigge Riesbeck - lead guitars
Jonas Karlgren - guitars, backing vocals
Micko Twedberg - bass, backing vocals
Johan Hellgeson - drums


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