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To Cure the Sane with Insanity

Album: ''To Cure the Sane with Insanity'' (2003)
1. One Man's Hell Is Another Man's Heaven
2. Without Pain
3. Whitecoatparanoia
4. As Reluctance Grows
5. Treacherous Breed
6. Silent City Deathcount
7. Consumed
8. The House Of The Silent And Friendly
9. The Flesh Is The Cage

Doomsday Comfort

Album: ''Doomsday Comfort'' (2005)
1. Ghost Among The Dead
2. Doomsday Comfort
3. Extinct
4. Inside The Nothingness
5. Chokehold
6. Take Left
7. For The Rats
8. I God
9. Spill The Blood
10. In The Mud
11. Hell Today - No Tomorrow
12. Remake The Improved
13. Gasmask

We Deserve Much Worse

Album: ''We Deserve Much Worse'' (2007)
1. Deceving Shortcuts
2. End the Guessing
3. Gain Control
4. Revolutions Against Nothing
5. Connected to the Confusion
6. Torn
7. Debate or Terminate
8. Preaching Back to Preachers
9. Betrayal Wears Your Face
10. No Disease Like Us
11. Final Element
12. A Fraction of Truth
13. Never Been Worse
14. Rockthrowers Among Us
15. Landmine
16. Put the Blame on the Devil
17. Vansinne
18. Ward 77



Deathbound formed in 1995 under the name of Twilight. They released two demo's under this name entitled Twilight and Melancholy of Northern Landscapes. After this, they changed their name to Unbound and released another demo entitled Flames of Madness. A further name changed saw their name finally stick on Deathbound. Under this name they released one more demo entitled Elaborate the Torture. This saw the band sign to Woodcut Records and release their first album, entitled To Cure the Sane with Insanity. The band then signed to Dynamic Arts Records and did a split album with Death/Thrash band Deathchain, see Deathbound/Deathchain Split 2005. The band then went on to release their second album, this time with record label Dynamic Arts Records, entitled Doomsday Comfort. Doomsday Comfort featured the guest vocals of Mieszko Talarczyk, vocalist and guitarist of Swedish Grindcore band Nasum. This was the last project Mieszko worked on before his tragic death during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Deathbound released their most recent album We Deserve Much Worse in 2007.

The band originally played a style of music known as Deathgrind, which combines Grindcore and Death Metal. However, their more recent album We Deserve Much Worse has seen the band drop the Death Metal elements of their music in favour of a faster-paced Grindcore style. The lyrics of the band ussually deal with death, insanity and violence.

Brutal Death Metal (early) - Grindcore (now)

Death, insanity, violence

Finland (Vaasa), formed in 1995

Dynamic Arts Records


Kai "Kaitsu" Jaakkola - Vocals (Deathchain, The Duskfall, MonsterSpank, ex-Necromicon)
Petri "Pete" Seikkula - Guitar (...And Oceans, O, ex-The True Black Dawn)
Sami Latva - Drums (...And Oceans, Ghost Guard, O, Rotten Sound)
Toni Pihlaja - Bass (Rotten Sound, ...And Oceans, Havoc Unit)

Nicklas Sundqvist (ex-Hellmasker, ex-Morthirim, ex-Necromicon)
Fred Andersson (ex-Beyond Dreams)

Hannu Teppo
Tommi "Kuntz" Konu (ex-The Duskfall, Hellmasker)
Mika "Q" Aalto (...And Oceans, Malev6, Rotten Sound, ex-The True Black Dawn, ex-Vomiturition)
Heikki Järvi

Blastmor (Graveyard Shift, ex-Nocturnal Arts, ex-Thyrane, Moonsorrow (Guest))
Mikael "Sasse" Sandorf (ex-Agroth, The Duskfall, ex-Gates of Ishtar, Archam Angel)
Robert "Zoid" Sundelin (ex-Hellmasker, ex-Morthirim, ex-Necromicon, Satariel, Bootpunk, Cide, Game Over, The Hippos, Zmegma)
Toni Erkkilä (ex-Viperine, ex-Winterlong)


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