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Darksome Thoughts

Album: ''Darksome Thoughts'' (1993 Demo)
1. Last Dream
2. Frozen Tears
3. Atoned for Cries
4. Luctu Perditus

Romantic Tales

Album: ''Romantic Tales'' (1994 EP)
1. A Dream Recalled On Waking
2. In Broken Images
3. Above The Edge of Doom
4. A Charm for Sound Sleeping

Midnight Solemnly Dance

Album: ''Midnight Solemnly Dance'' (1996)
1. Watchful Spirit's Care
2. Lysander
3. Love's Heavy Burden
4. The Sealing Day
5. Forgetfulness
6. Like a Silver Bow
7. Chariot Wheels
8. The Bolt of Cupid Fell
9. Night Mislead
10. My Worldly Task Is Done
11. Winter Noon


Album: ''Spellcraft'' (1997)
1. Craft Her Spell
2. Fall Whatever Falls
3. Self Pity Sick
4. You Will Come
5. That Kills My Heart
6. Be Ever Heard
7. Walk In Me
8. Spirits
9. Nevermight
10. Senca

Give Me Light

Album: ''Give Me Light'' (1999)
1. Dancing with the Lion
2. Cold
3. Echoes of Tomorrow
4. Cosmic Shining
5. Journey to the Spirit World
6. Give Me Light
7. Fusion
8. Flying Together
9. Echoes of Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)
10. Spiral of Mystery
11. Desire

Diving Into Darkness

Album: ''Diving Into Darkness'' (2000)
1. Forever Darkness
2. I Deny You
3. Counting Moments
4. Can't Find You
5. Autumn
6. Rain
7. Hopelessness
8. Left Alone
9. Downwards
10. Cold Under Water
11. Many Wills

Astral Adventures

Album: ''Astral Adventures'' (2003)
1. Dying Land
2. Fly Into the Night
3. Where Will I Go
4. Can't Explain
5. Life
6. Hear Me
7. Souls Unite
8. Rain of Revival
9. Forever Stay
10. Waiting
11. Every Day
12. It Shall End

Ultimate Darkness

Album: ''Ultimate Darkness'' (2005)
1. Disbeliever
2. My Burden
3. Ultimate Darkness
4. Biting Cold
5. The Dark One
6. Save Me
7. Speak Silence
8. Next to Nothing
9. Follow Me
10. The Fall
11. Endless Night
12. Sleep Sleep Sweetheart



The german gothic metal band has six members, which have been active since 1992. They are special for their deep sound and complex lyrics.

Since 1992, DARKSEED have constantly been part of the German Gothic Metal Scene which they have decisively formed by releasing two innovative demos (Sharing the Grave 1992, Darksome Thoughts 1993) and their first real outputs (“Romantic Tales” Mini-CD 1994, “Midnight Solemnly Dance” CD 1996).
From the early beginnings the band tried and kept evolving, so it wasn’t surprising that the album “Spellcraft“ (1997, Nuclear Blast) - featuring sheer power and gloomy melodies - was well received, even internationally. Born in 1999 after extensive touring across Europe, the album "Give Me Light" (Nuclear Blast) prepared the way for further development, elaborated by the following releases: a catchy mixture between atmospheric electronics and attractive melodies. "Diving Into Darkness" (2000, Nuclear Blast) and "Astral Adventures" (2003, Massacre Records) as logical consequences attracted the interest of a broadly based worldwide audience.

After more than 10 dark years, some side-projects and therefore a remarkable number of releases, Stefan Hertrich, singer and founder of DARKSEED, indulged in a yearlong creative time-out - just to return in 2004, packed with a bundle of new songs and bursting of energy. The result: 13 songs, as usual produced by the band in guitarist Thomas Herrmann´s Helion Studios and self-confidently entitled “Ultimate Darkness”.

“Ultimate Darkness” means uncompromising deep guitars, complex electronics to create an atmospheric background, melodic and gloomy vocals and an unmistakable hard voice breaking through, wrapped in catchy song structures.
The textual spectrum is not defined by blood and roses, but by omnipresent universal and individual problems. DARKSEED politicize without being importunate or instructing. Entertaining music woven with thoughtfulness, social criticism and poetry merge to a merciless musical wall. Ultimate darkness is knocking at your door January 2005 and it’s on you whether you let it in or not.

Bandleader Stefan Hertrich leaves Darkseed in the beginning of August 2006. He will concentrate to his other bands Shiva in Exile and SpiRitual. This is the end of Darkseed, a great Gothic-Band from Germany!

Gothic/Heavy Metal

Death, Darkness, Love, Hatred

Germany (Munich, Bavaria), formed in 1992

Massacre Records


Thomas Herrmann - Guitars (Evolution (Ger), Helions)
Tom Gilcher - Guitars
Maurizio Guolo - Drums (Pergamon (Ger), SpiRitual (Ger), Obscurity, Absorbed in Thought)
Armin Dörfler - Keyboards (ex-Equilibrium (Ger))

Stefan Hertrich - Vocals, programming (1992-2003, 2004-2006) (Shiva in Exile, Betray My Secrets, Sculpture (Ger), SpiRitual (Ger))
Martin Motnik - Bass (2003-2006) (Code of Perfection, The Roxx)
Christoph Puhr-Westerheide - Vocals (Mislead)
Harald Winkler - Drums (1992-1996) (Betray My Secrets)
Jacek Dworok - Lead Guitar (Accuracy)
Tarkan Dural - Rhythm Guitar
Andy Wecker - Guitar (R.I.P., August 1998, Cancer)
Rico Galvagno - Bass (ex-Lacrimas Profundere)
Daniel Kirstein - Guitar (Celephais (Ger), Pequod)
Willi Wurm - Drums (Lacrimas Profundere)
Stephan "Fenris" Zandt - Drums


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