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Royaume Mélancolique

Album: ''Royaume Mélancolique'' (1999)
1. L'autre Monde
2. L'ombre Triste
3. Night Rain
4. Le Reve De La Nymphe
5. Miserere
6. Valley Of The Pain
7. The Final Battle
8. Maze
9. Anatheme

De lumière et d

Album: ''De lumière et d'obscurité'' (2000)
1. Préludia
2. De lumière et d'obscurité
3. Le paradis noir
4. Rêve mortuaire
5. Cet enfer au paradis
6. La chute de l'ange
7. Interludia
8. Au milieu des sépultures
9. Ordre et décadence
10. Les entrailles de ce purgatoire
11. Funérailles
12. Que mon dernier soupir m'emporte
13. Summoning of the muse (Dead Can Dance cover)

Vie Ephémère

Album: ''Vie Ephémère'' (2002 Single)
1. Vie Ephémère (English Extended Version)
2. Seul Face Au Sinistre


Album: ''L'être las - L'envers du miroir'' (2003)
1. L'arrogance
2. L'envers du Miroir
3. Malveillance
4. Les Larmes du Méprisé
5. Profondeur de l'âme
6. Assombrissement de l'âme
7. Silence Macabre
8. La Mort Avant le Déshonneur
9. Larmes et de Sang
10. Vie éphémère
11. Face à une Mort Rassasiée
12. Loin des Mortels
13. La Rencontre Fatale
14. Tout ce Sang Versé

Les Mémoires Blessées

Album: ''Les Mémoires Blessées'' (2004)
1. La Clameur du Silence
2. Présence
3. D'une Mére 'a sa Fille
4. L'adieu á l'Enfant (1)
5. L'adieu á l'Enfant (2)
6. Abre los Ojos
7. A quoi bon?
8. Laissez moi Mourir
9. L'emprisonnée
10. Puisses-tu…
11. L'instant Funébre
12. Perdition
13. Les Mémoires Blessées

Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part I)

Album: ''Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part I)'' (2005)
1. Ouverture
2. Elle et l'aube
3. Dein kalter Stein
4. Memento Mei
5. The garden of Jane Delawney
6. Cristal
7. Mon errance...
8. A mes ennemis
9. Sortie du cloître
10. Des illusions
11. Je m'en irai

Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part II)

Album: ''Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part II)'' (2006)
1. Dies Mortis
2. Vision meurtrie
3. La r�veuse
4. L'inconnue
5. Creuseur de terre
6. L'autre monde
7. Au cour de l'oubli
8. J'ai r�v� d'une vie
9. Femme d'un soldat mort
10. Un jour, peut-�tre...
11. La complainte de Sally

dark sanctuary


Dark Sanctuary is a French band that was created in February 1996. They play a kind of "Dark Atmospheric" music. Their first official release was a 20 min single track Mcd, " Funeral Cry ", released in 1997 and, at that time, the band only consisted in two members,Arkdae on keyboards and Marquise Ermia on vocals.

In 1998, the band wanted to increase its strength by adding new members; another keyboards player, Hylgaryss, a percussionnist/bassist, Sombre Cÿr and a violinist, Eliane joined Dark Sanctuary. Together, they recorded the 1st album, " Royaume Mélancolique " and made their first concert in September 1998 near Paris.

In November 1999, they signed with Wounded Love Records and after the 2nd violinist Marguerite joined, they recorded their 2nd album, " De Lumière et d'Obscurité ", which was released in November 2000.

But, right after their recording sessions, Marquise Ermia left the band to carry on her studies, and a new singer, Dame Pandora, thus joined Dark Sanctuary.

Their 3d album, " L'Etre Las-l'envers du miroir " was recorded in March 2002 and released at the beginning of 2003, few months after the release of a two-track single. This album, which has had a huge success in France and Germany, definitely established Dark Sanctuary as one of the greatest bands in this musical style.

After few concerts in France, the band returned to Germany in order to record its 4th album, " Les Mémoires Blessées ". This album was released in early 2004 and confirmed Dark Sanctuary's own style while providing a deeper maturity, as well as new musical horizons.
The same year, the band was on tour in Europe, including a memorable date at the Wave Gothik Treffen, in the majestic Leipzig's theatre.

Then the year 2005 began with a major event: their first compilation, " Thoughts:9 years in the sanctuary " was released on the U.S label Projekt; it summarizes no less than 9 years of career.
The other event of the beginning of this year is Dark Sanctuary's appearance in the tribute to Dead Can Dance, " Summoning of the Muse ~ a tribute to Dead Can Dance ", also released on Projekt.

In july 2005 Dark Sanctuary went back to Germany to record their 5th opus at the E-Klangschmiede Studio. Consequently,their new album " Exaudi Vocem Meam - Part I " is scheduled for November 2005.

The year 2006 promises to be rich too as the sequel of this opus, " Exaudi Vocem Meam - Part II ", as well as concerts are announced

atmospheric and ambient music


France (Paris), formed in 1996

Wounded Love


Eliane - violin
Marguerite - violin
Hylgaryss - keyboards (Winter Funeral, Gates of Azharia, Caithness, T.E.A.R.S.)
Sombre Cyr - bass, percussion
Arkdae - keyboards, guitars (Bekhira, ex-Chemin de Haine, Sidragasum , session key in Deinonychus, Osculum Infame (Fra), Seth (Fra))

Marquise Ermia - vocals


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