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Eternity Rites

Album: ''Eternity Rites'' (1998)
1. Eternity Rites (Part 1)
2. Demon Eyes
3. Fuer Grissa Est Dranka
4. Down to the Halls of the Blind
5. Nightvision
6. Arcanum Mortis
7. Eternity Rites (Part 2)
8. Temple of the Moon
9. Of Broken Stones
10. Seelenlos
11. Transfer Complete

In Nomine Aeternitatis

Album: ''In Nomine Aeternitatis'' (2000)
1. Dark Horizons
2. Underworld Domain
3. Pantheon In Flames
4. The Infinite
5. Temple of the Morning Star
6. Caverna Obscura
7. Only the Blind Can See...
8. In Signo Mortis
9. The March of Shadows
10. In Nomine Aeternitatis
11. The Seas of Oblivion

The Dissolution of Eternity

Album: ''The Dissolution of Eternity'' (2001)
1. As Old As the Bones of the Earth
2. Thy Fleeing Time
3. A Path In the Dust
4. In The Omnipresence of Death
5. My Phantasm Supreme
6. Night Before the Vastland Storms
7. Fire's Dominion
8. The Isolated Vale
9. A Prophecy of Immortality
10. Wanderer At the End of Time

Rise And Fall

Album: ''Rise And Fall'' (2004)
1. Rise and Fall
2. Bearer of the Flame
3. Niobe
4. Takhisis Dance
5. Winter
6. Ave Atque Vale
7. Queen of the Woods
8. Ancestors of Stone
9. The Halls of Dargaard (Bonus Track)



Dargaard was founded by Tharen (Abigor, Amestigon, Heidenreich, Dominion III) in 1997. The band was his opportunity to step away from his usual genre (Black Metal) and experiment with a different approach to express attitudes and feelings. With Elisabeth Toriser (Abigor, Antichrisis, Dominion), who took over the vocal responsibilties in 1998, Dargaard was able to successfully complete the recording of theire debut Cd,"Eternity Rites", released by Napalm Records under the Draenor Productions banner in October 1998. August the following has Dargaard back in the studio. The follow up to "Eternity Rites" remains within Dargaard`s signature style and promise to prove once again their undeniable skill in creating superior melodies and atmosphere. "In Nomine Aeternitatis" was released on 06.03.2000. June 2001 welcomed Dargaard's third recording effort, the "Dissolution of Eternity". This CD has been described as having reached a milestone in innovative darkwave. Dargaard's latest full length release, Rise and Fall, offers a magical sound experience characterized by impressive compositions. Atmospheric, enigmatic Dark Wave melodies embedded in bombastic choirs and orchestral arrangements are transformed into impressive works of art by the by the bewitching voice of Elizabeth Toriser. Follow DAargaard into their mystic and dismal world. "Rise and Fall" was released in March 2004 and was featured in various magazines as album of the month.

Dark Neoclassical Metal

Illusion, Darkness, Fantasy, Nature, Sorcery

Austria (Mistelbach), formed in 1997

Draenor Productions


Tharen (Formerly known as Rune) - all music & male vocals (ex-Abigor, Amestigon, Dominion III, ex-Heidenreich, Graumahd)
Elisabeth Toriser - female vocals (Dominion III, ex-Abigor, ex-Antichrisis, Soulhunt, Graumahd)

Lanz - choir vocals on 'Rise and Fall'
Thomas Ranosz - choir vocals on 'Rise and Fall'
Florian Rupprecht - choir vocals on 'Rise and Fall'


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