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Divine Darkness

Album: ''Divine Darkness'' (1994 Demo)
1. Eternal Black
2. The Dark Divine
3. The Mistress - Queen of Sin
4. The Return of Darkness and Evil

Destructo Evangelia

Album: ''Destructo Evangelia'' (2004)
1. Invocation of the Storms
2. Insulter of Jesus Christ
3. Night Eternal
4. Destructo Evangelia
5. Bloody Vengeance (Vulcano Cover)
6. When Creation Dies
7. Eternal Black
8. Armageddon (Bathory Cover)

Insulter of Jesus Christ

Album: ''Insulter of Jesus Christ'' (2004 EP)
1. Insulter of Jesus Christ
2. Bloody vengeance (Vulcano Cover)
3. Night eternal



1. DAMNATION (SWE) came into being back in 1989 when vocalist / guitarist Richard Cabeza (DISMEMBER, UNANIMATED etc.) teamed up with drummer Peter Stjärnvind (UNANIMATED, MERCILESS, ENTOMBED etc.) and bass player Björn Gramell in order to do some BATHORY worshipping, mainly by playing covers of Quorthon's early period, but with a couple of own creations already thrown in there as well... They labeled their style as "Occult Swedish Black Metal" and released a demo ("Divine Darkness") in 1994, which included three own songs ('Eternal Black', 'The Dark Divine', 'The Mistress (Queen Of Sin)') as well as a BATHORY cover ('The Return Of Darkness And Evil')... And then there was silence... until now. The band recently returned into the spotlight with their debut full length album "Destructo Evangelia" via Threeman Recordings. thats it for now. more to come....

2. Damnation is also an underground metal band from Tijuana, Mexico, created on early 2007. The project was born after a long break from the local music scene, previously Ramon(lead guitar), Marco(bass) and Felix(drums) played in a metal band called Alkoria and before that, in the early days as musicians they played mainly "Rock en Español" covers with the name Nebula.

Ramon (aka Black Manta) met Toño (vocals) during college, which used to play bass for the band 645. Alkoria and 645 made a few presentations together in a bar called “Quinto Patio”, which was where all the local metal bands used to play, back in those days.

During the break, Ramon and Felix kept composing songs and music on their jamming sessions; after a couple of years, Marco joined the group again and the old band was reunited, but there was a problem, the band needed a vocalist. Ramon asked Toño to join the band and do vocals, and a new band with a much more aggressive style than the previous was born.

The sound of Damnation is the combination of every single member influences, therefore it cannot be reduced to a genre. The band combines metal subgenres like thrash, death, grindcore, etc… If it has to be labeled somehow, we can say that Damnation is a metal band.

80's Black Metal

Darkness, Worship, Satanism

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1989

Threeman Recordings


Richard Cabeza - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Dismember, Unanimated, Murder Squad, ex-General Surgery, Born of Fire (Swe), ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Carbonized (Swe))
Peter Stjärnvind - Drums (Nifelheim (Swe), ex-Merciless (Swe), Unanimated, ex-Regurgitate, ex-Face Down, ex-Entombed, Murder Squad, Born of Fire (Swe), Krux)
Björn Gramell - Bass


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