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Black Arrows Of Hatred

Album: ''Black Arrows Of Hatred'' (2006)
1. Intro
2. Âîëÿ (Volya)
3. The Guardian
4. Amen
5. ... of Blood And Honour
6. Hand Of Doom
7. Ýðèõ Öàíí (Erich Zann)
8. The Last Journey
9. Ìû (new edition)
10. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)



Group Dammerung has been created in Kherson. The beginning was necessary in the autumn of 2001 when musicians were united under name Dammerung for realization of the ideas and a musical material. Their plans do not include a commercial orientation of the project - the main accent is done on creation worthy Black Metal. At the first stages concert activity was not planned at all.... For "today" from first structure Dammerung have remained only SAURG and GROM.
In 2002 work above the first album " Follow Your Own Shadow " has begun. Record moved ahead slowly because of absence of good tools and the equipment, therefore the group is very grateful to those people who have helped an output of the first album in the winter of 2003. The local metal public has reacted to its output persevering desire to contemplate founders on a stage. But performances have been postponed for not certain time in connection with an arson of rehearsal base of group religious sect.Planning of the future performances has pushed collective to an idea on necessity of search of the second guitarist. So in the spring of 2004 them has joined VATHAR from group Kurgan. The new rehearsal base has been found. In the spring, the full participant of a command becomes bass player NAGLFAR. Dammerung which working name " Black Arrows Of Our Hatred " continues to work fruitfully above new compositions for the following album.In 2005 on compilation TERRORIZER magazine#21 there is a song " Follow Your Own Shadow ", from the same album of 2003. Dammerung takes part on 1st BLACK-DEATH-BRUTAL FEST in Kherson. The group represents for compilation CARPATHIAN MIGHT - Ukrainian Black Metal Compilation vol. 1 new thing - " Hand of Doom ".

SAURG - vocal
VATHAR - guitar
GROM - drums
NAGLFAR - bass

Black Metal

Honor, war, nature

Ukraine (Kherson), formed in 2001

E.O.L.P. productions


Lord Saurg - vocals
Vathar - guitar (Kurgan (Ukr))
Grom (formerly Bomber) - drums (Strafaction)
Naglfar - bass
Corax - session guitar (Kurgan (Ukr))

Kashchey - guitar
Fester - bass (Stormer)


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