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Opus I

Album: ''Opus I'' (2005 Demo)
1. The Sins Of Mankind
2. Without Destination
3. The Dark Prince

Without Destination

Album: ''Without Destination'' (2005 Single)
1. Without Destination



-Name & Sound-
Dakrya is a Greek word written with Latin characters and means "tears". The idea of the name came up during a November's night in 2004.

Dakrya's sound is based on atmospheric music influenced from Neoclassical, Gothic and Black metal. Every song is another chapter and expresses different feelings and thoughts. The 'marriage' of different kinds of vocals, like brutal and clean male vocals, operatic female vocals and declamations, along with the dark and atmospheric music, gives Dakrya their very own sound!

-The Story-
Dakrya was formed in July 2004 by Sophia X. (Keys & Piano). At first it was tempting to be something more like an acoustic project with female vocals. By the end of the year Costas L. joined the band as a guitar player and backing vocalist. His talented voice and great ideas changed Dakrya from an acoustic project into an atmospheric metal band! The search for other members begins...

In February Alex D. (Bass) joined in and a month later Charis K. (Drums). The first form of Dakrya's line-up was completed by May with Michael G. (Guitars), Roula T. (Violin), Helena (Vocals) and Mina (Classic Vocals). Dakrya enters the studios in June to record a demo CD including 3 songs. After the end of the recording sessions Michael G, Helena and Mina left the band and the demo CD entitled "Opus I" was never released due to its bad production.

Late September and George D. (Lead Guitars) joins the band. As Dakrya was seeking for new vocalists, in October they recorded a CD Single with the song "Without Destination" and guest female vocals by Margina! After the release of the CD Single, Roula T. (Violin) left the band. By the end of the year Christina (Lead Vocals) and Thomais (Classic Vocals) came aboard and the band was ready to hit the stage!

In March, the band enters the studios to record a demo song called "Beautiful Death" that received some very encouraging reviews. All the songs for the debut album were completed and in June they entered the studios once again to record the new material. After unexpected and extended delays, in December Costas L. (Vocals) decides to leave due to personal problems, just a few weeks before the vocal recording sessions begun.

After Costas' departure, Dakrya decides to look no further for another frontman and Dagwn (from Nethescerial) was asked to participate on the debut album as a guest vocalist. During the recording sessions, Thomas K. (Rhythm Guitars) joined in and George D. was also decided to take over the task of male vocals.

To be continued...

Atmospheric Gothic Metal

Melancholy, Pain, Anger & the human Soul

Greece (Athens), formed in 2004



Christina - Lead Vocals
Thomais - Classic Vocals
George D. - Lead Guitars
Thomas K. - Rhythm Guitars
Sophia X. - Keys & Piano
Alex D. - Bass Guitar
Charis K. - Drums

Michael G. - Lead Guitar
Mina - Classic Vocals
Helena - Vocals


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