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Harmonious Euphonies For Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising Our Exist...

Album: ''Harmonious Euphonies For Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising Our Exist...'' (2005)
1. Revenge of the Queen Lilac
2. Radiation
3. Scarlet ad Infinitum
4. When the grey Oakleaf Bloomed
5. Endless Snow Spiralling Gentle
6. Surullinen Kyyhkynen
7. Hydrangea Wept in emerald Lake
8. Voyage & Calaquendi
9. Ice Lake Diacenna
10. Neptune's Sore, The Blueness



Dahlia’s Tear is a Swedish dark ambient act of Anile.D. with drone soundscapes, spatial surreal moods and occasionally industrial, experimental influences . Dahlia’s Tear music often shape-shifts into many forms; myriad soundworlds, often introspective an epitome of contemplative music . Swedish dark ambient project of Anile.D. offers dark ambient music with various sound elements and sub-genres such as experimetal, industrial and ethereal music. Nevertheless, Dahlia's Tear sound characterized by enigmatic compositions embedded in gloomy choirs and synth-based slow and deep frequinces. Dahlia’s Tear , currently runs on the label Cold Meat Industry (Sweden) Dahlia's Tear mainly composes mostly drone, dark ambient music with specific sound which he created on different sound elements. Dahlia’s Tear released its first album entitled “Harmonious Euphonies For Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising Our Existences In Radient Corpuscle Galaxies” in 2005 which would be a start of his abstract journey. In this debut Anile.D. created cosmic interaction embedded in gloomy choirs, synth-based mood with about 52 minutes of running time with ten tracks offering distractive and slow frequencies , mostly instrumental depression and mellow partition filled with distress and dark themes.

During two years he prepared three albums for Dahlia's Tear and still he is working on with the new tracks and projects. His last journey is just released by Alcor Productions "My Rotten Spirit Of Black". He descriebes death with his music, with the deep and hypnotic existences. "Death; is like a cold dark sky nicely shaded black. But it does not come so easily, it captures our spirits,as the tears roll to the floor...Then eyes begin to close..." He opens many secret gates to listener which would help listener to float through tunnels filled with our fears, loneliness and distress. This dreamlike trip represents the decay of life in different perspective, more abstract and with weird peace of fading away.

My Rotten Spirit of Black album clearly differs from the previous works of Dahlia's Tear , consisting more drone frequencies embedded in dark ambient tracks. A various mood in the space of minimal, enriched with suicidial low and continuous dull sounds, a dream like buzzing and humming noises. Dahlia's Tear offers eight tracks of complex dark ambience enchanted with conceptual work. This album can be described as a voyage from the deep earth of loneliness, fragile souls through the endless, distant world at the furthest side of the universe. The track names in "My Rotten Spirit Of Black" CD are like suicidial notes of the forgotten souls.

Dahlia's Tear released "Under Seven Skies" Digipack CD from the German label record Thonar Records in October , 2007. This CD includes 7 tracks with total length of 48 minutes and it provides a different sound experience for the listeners. Under Seven Skies CD has different atmosphere with new elements, distorted guitar noise combiend with dull frequencies and twisting layers of cold vocal experiments. In this material Dahlia's Tear creates a deep sound with extension of unique soundscapes layered by masterful narrative layout. Ambient down tempo structures and hypnotic pulsations of rhythm obviously puts this album in a special place in Dahlia's Tear discography. Underneath the lush skin of melodic layers, the complexity and chaos combine with the minimalistic music that shows up itself in small details of overall architecture. In 2010, Dahlia's Tear signed with Swedish Record Label Cold Meat Industry. New CD entitled Dreamsphere announced to be released as a catalog number 207 on the Cold Meat Industry schedule. Dreamsphere album is inspired of having the same nightmares repeatedly. Three years after the critically acclaimed release of, "Under Seven Skies", with new record label Cold Meat Industry, Dahlia’s Tear delivers a new album."Dreamsphere" conjures visions from the depths of elusive, eerie dreams. It enables listeners mind to step out of reality, into haunted spheres. This introspective work, is an enigmatic, dark ambient and industrial recording, with compositions reflecting a light starved, timeless journey. The subconscious unfolds into the obscure unknown, experiencing ominous desolation, and whispering echoes of distant nocturnal voices. The droning sound of ancient machines, and ghostly clicks of clock gears, provide a prophetic lullaby to listener's personal dream sphere. "Dreamsphere" provides dark soundscapes, manipulated field recordings, and narrative speeches, combined with cold lush strings and raw pad layers. Dahlia's Tear is inviting the listener to their personal nightmare with Dreamsphere album.

Dark Ambient/Industrial


Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 2005

Cold Meat Industry


Anile.D. all instruments

Carline Van Roos , Female Vocals (Remembrance, Lethian Dreams, Aythis)
Michelle Ripey , Female Vocals
Stellaria Fennica, Female Vocals (Stellaria Fennica)

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