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Album: ''Redemption'' (2004 Demo)
1. Blackened Image
2. Wall Of Sanity
3. The Flame

Carnival of Flesh

Album: ''Carnival of Flesh'' (2006 Demo)
1. Defiance of Supremacy
2. Dead Cold Emotion
3. Faith Redefined
4. Worlds Collide



Crystalic is a competent, aggressive, Finnish metal band with a feeling for melody. The members of the group have played in numerous bands and have actively strived to master their instruments for years.

Toni Tieaho founded Crystalic in 1998. The band made one demo “Stormwalker” and it was more dark metal vein in those days. Toni is the only remaining member from that line-up. Band faded into non-existence in 1999. Toni joined a death metal band called The Prophecy in 2000. Band made three demos with several musicians. Band´s third demo “Mystical Existence” introduced forthcoming Crystalic line-up with Jarno, Toni, Arto and Matti Johansson (Korpiklaani). Soon after demo recordings The Prophecy disbanded. It was Matti´s band and other guys wanted to concentrate into more progressive metal than The Prophecy was. Jarno, Toni and Arto started jamming with their friends Janne Juutinen (drums) and Niko Rauhala (guitar) in 2002. Music was progressive, melodic and not so death metal orientated as previous bands. There were clean vocals and band sounded like the mix of: Death, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Symphony X etc. Toni came up with the idea to name the band after Crystalic and they made one demo called “Revitalized”. It got great reviews in the media around the globe, but no record deal was signed. Janne and Niko wanted to concentrate 100% into their other band Masterstroke and both left Crystalic. Even though “Revitalized” was highly acclaimed everywhere, Toni and the rest of the guys wanted to play pure death metal. Crystalic started desperately seeking for a proper drummer, who could be able to play very technical stuff. It was harder than they imagined.

In the year 2003 Matti Johansson the drummer made a comeback, and the band now started wholeheartedly to rehearse the material. Matti was actually supposed to stand in for one gig, only. The musicianship and the atmosphere in the band were so good, however, that Matti decided to join permanently. Eventually Crystalic completed the “Redemption” demo in July, 2004. Again demo got great reviews but no record deal was signed though one label showed interest and offered a deal. In the summer of 2005 Matti decided to leave Crystalic, because of his other band Korpiklaani.

Again the same situation, no drummer. This time the search process was much easier. Timo Hanhijoki wanted to join Crystalic. Guys knew he is a young talented musician and a perfect choice to fill drummer´s post. At the same time band decided to try out second guitarist to bring out all the melodies and guitar parts in the live performance. Erik Grönroos was an obvious choice for that task.

Crystalic rehearsed hard for a four months and recorded “Carnival Of Flesh” promotional cd in December, 2005.
The debut album called "Watch Us Deteriorate" is out now.

Progressive Death/Heavy Metal

Society, Philosophy, Human Mind & Behaviour

Finland (Tampere), formed in 1998

Thundering Records / Manitou Music


Jarno Frank Moberg - Vocals (ex-Steep)
Toni Tieaho - Guitar
Mikko Mattila - Guitar (Dreamtale)
Arto Tissari - Bass (ex-Korpiklaani, ex-Masterstroke (Fin))
Timo Hanhijoki - Drums (Frostborn)

Markus Kekoni - Vocals (Masterstroke (Fin))
Janne Juutinen - Drums (Masterstroke (Fin), Villieläin)
Niko Rauhala - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Masterstroke (Fin))
Matti Johansson - Drums (ex-Depravity (Fin), Falchion, Korpiklaani, Psychopathic Terror)
Erik Grönroos - Guitar


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