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Fuck You God!!

Album: ''Fuck You God!!'' (2000 Demo)
1. Reddar Tenebris
2. Direccion La Muerte (Locura En Las Alturas)
3. Interludio
4. He Escondido El Cadáver (Puñaladas Infinitas)
5. Forgotten Spells
6. Hate To The Cross (The Escape Of Angels)

Raising Deads... Buring Alives

Album: ''Raising Deads... Buring Alives'' (2003)
1. The Beginning Of The End
2. Unbelievable Storm In Holy Circle
3. Iberian Werewolf Warriors
4. Arrival Of Unholy Knights
5. The Sky Burns
6. Macabre Suicide
7. Walking With The Deads
8. Disturbed Conscious Death
9. Hate The Opposite

Escucha... La Muerte Persigue!!

Album: ''Escucha... La Muerte Persigue!!'' (2003 Demo)
1. Paseo Entre Tumbas
2. Llamada A Los Muertos Que Vigilan
3. Morireis Todos (Los Cementerios Atraen!!)
4. Creacion Del Mal Para Sentir El Bien

Cryfemal Vs. Xerión

Album: ''Cryfemal Vs. Xerión'' (2003 Split)
1. The Malignant Will Live Eternally!!
2. Reddar Tenebris
3. Direccion la Muerte (Locura en las Alturas)
4. Interludio
5. He Escondido el Cadáver (Puñaladas Infinitas)
6. Forgotten Spells
7. Jainko nagia
8. Do lume céltico
9. O trono de Breogán
10. Under A Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)
11. Loita na fraga
12. Sueños de la luna

With the Help of the Devil

Album: ''With the Help of the Devil'' (2004)
1. Inicio Del Caos
2. Segunda Muerte
3. Dimensiones Del Dolor
4. Necrofila Noche
5. Poder Misantropo
6. Vision De la Destruccion
7. Concilio Con Los Fallecidos
8. Supremo Odio
9. Malicia Inmortal
10. Hail Satan
11. Despues De La Masacre

Perpetua Funebre Gloria

Album: ''Perpetua Funebre Gloria'' (2005)
1. Lamentos Antes De Fallecer
2. Descanse En Paz
3. Tras La Muerte
4. Ser Difunto
5. Niebla De Funeral
6. La Muerte Imbertida

Escucha a los Muertos

Album: ''Escucha a los Muertos'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Niebla De Funeral (Previously Unreleased)
2. The Beginning of the End (Intro)
3. Unbelievable Storm in the Holy Circle
4. Iberian Werewolf Warriors
5. Arrival of Unholy Knights
6. The Sky Burns
7. Macabre Suicide
8. Walking with the Dead
9. Disturbed Conscious Death
10. Hate the Opposite
11. Intro
12. Paseo Entre Tumbas
13. Llamada a Los Muertos Que Vigilan
14. Morireis Todos, Los Sementerios Atraen
15. Creacion Del Mal Para Sentir El Bien

Cryfemal & Xerion

Album: ''Cryfemal & Xerion'' (2005 Split)
1. Niebla de funeral
2. O trono de Breogán
3. O último sono do druida



A Depressive Black metal from Spain (Madrid) , formed in 1997 by 'Ebola'.
In 1997, under the name of Agaliareth, and after releasing two demos with Necromance Records, Ebola forms Cryfemal with the purpose of expressing his ideas through obscure Black Metal.

In March 2000, Ebola recorded "Fuck You God!". This works was published as a split with Xerion, through Nigra Mors Records, limited to 333 tapes. It is also published by Scream Records, limited to 100 copies in cdr. Both the editions include an extra song recorded in 2003.

In February 2002, Ebola recorded "Escucha...La Muerte Persigue!!". This work was published in tape format by Blasphemy Records and War Productions. Limited to 300 copies and 666 copies respectively.

In February 2003, Ebola recorded the first album, "Raising Deads...Buring Alives!!". This work was published by War Productions and Oniric Records, limited to 500 copies in cdr. In Brazil, it was unleashed in tape format by Total War Productions in 333 copies. In 2003 too, Ebola with the collaboration of Necro at the keyboards, negotiates with Trinity Records from Hong Kong and gets a deal for the edition of its second album in cd, "With the Help of the Devil", released in the beginning of 2004.

In 2004,After recording the second album, Ebola enters in prison for a homicide intent.Subsequently Ebola and Necro, using several session musicians, recorded a professional video clip in La Almudena cemetary (Madrid).

In April 2005, Ebola recorded "Perpetua Funebre Gloria", changing to a slower and darker style. This work was published in cd with the video clip as a bonus via Oniric Records.

He have also done vocals with the black metal band Godüs.

Depressive Black Metal


Spain (Madrid), formed in 1997

Oniric Records


Ebola - all instruments, vocals & lyrics (Indomitus (Esp), ex-Godüs)

Necroseheiim (The Art of Blasphemy)
Rayblood (The Art of Blasphemy, Crying Blood, Obscure (Esp))
Motörhel - drums
Grüschenka - bass


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