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Album: ''Demo'' (1999 Demo)
1. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
2. All Right Now (Free cover)
3. You Really Got Me (The Kinks cover)
4. Everything About You (Ugly Kid Joe cover)
5. Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who cover)

This Mortal Flesh

Album: ''This Mortal Flesh'' (2000)
1. Call of the White Wolf
2. Dragon's Tears
3. Sleep of the Innocent
4. Beast From the South
5. The Ally
6. Cancer of Cowardice
7. A Tale for Druids
8. The Knight Who Wouldn't Die


Album: ''Fools'' (2003)
1. Flowers of war
2. Wouldst thou me
3. I... Joan
4. Win or die
5. Carnival
6. Angus
7. The snow
8. The 7th crusade
9. King of kings


Album: ''SkinClad'' (2007)
1. Casualty
2. The Catcher
3. A Pure Heart
4. Arigatou
5. My Father, My Friend
6. My Mother, My Meadow
7. Hey You
8. Leprechauns
9. The Confession - Part I
10. The Confession - Part II



Crusader is a heavy metal band from East Flanders, which originated in 1999 from what was left of a cover band that wanted to move on.

As early as 2000, the band released its debut album "This Mortal Flesh" which was distributed by Virgin. In 2004, "Fools" was released, distributed by LSP, Hellion and Karthago.

Both albums received lots of interest both in Belgium and abroad, and were followed by numerous concerts, supporting the odd international act (Saxon, Tankard, Blaze Bayley, SkyClad).

Both albums have often been tagged as "underground, indie, eighties heavy metal", with highly recognizable riffs and choruses. The fact that this is indeed a 21st century heavy metal band, however, is proven by the amount of different influences that make up the overall atmosphere and sound of the band, which render the band familiar, yet original.

The third and current release "SkinClad" moves away, lyrically and conceptually, from the often fantastic and historical context of former Crusader creations. "SkinClad" aims to prove that pure emotions felt in the hearts of everyday human beings can be as pure, triumphant, heroic and dramatic as those told of in ancient tales.

The future will see Crusader standing behind "SkinClad" in the same vein as they have been doing for the last years: delivering exhilerating live performances that will make you smile, swallow and shake your fist in anger. Or you'll shake it just because you're a crazy heavy metal maniac who likes a good 'bang once in a while.

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Belgium (Waasland), formed in 1996

Shiver Records


David Walgrave - Vocals (1996-2004; 2006-present)
Mark Theunssens - Bass
Wim Rotthier - Keyboards
Luc Seeuws - Drums (ex-Soulsteeler, ex-Patriarch (Bel))

Joost Vlasschaert - Guitars (Monster Joe)
Manu Van Poeck - Guitars (ex-Everglow)
Ronny Wibo - Guitars (Angor Pectoris)
Filip Lasseel - Guitars, Vocals
Toshiyuki Nagatani - Lead Guitars (ex-Cardania)
Nick Van Vlaenderen - Drums (Soulpatrol)
Dries Deturck - Drums (Monster Joe)
Bart Schenkel - Drums (ex-Cardania, ex-Double Diamond)
Jan Moerman - Drums (ex-Mostro)
Tommy Bongaerts - Drums (Dusk (Bel) (session member in 2004-2005))
Tine Piessens - Keyboards


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