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Deathshead Extermination

Album: ''Deathshead Extermination'' (1996)
1. Working Out The Graves
2. Wretched
3. The Watcher
4. Deadfall
5. Methodology
6. Bloodlines
7. Nowhere But Lost
8. Different Ways of Decay
9. Prisoner Scavenger
10. 2 Minutes Hate

The Hollowing

Album: ''The Hollowing'' (1997)
1. Mechanical Man
2. In The Shadow of The Sun
3. Fires of Sorrow
4. Vision and The Verity
5. Kingdom's End
6. After The Flood
7. Sleeping The Wicked
8. Surviving The Siren
9. Take the Low Road
10. Discipline Of Degradation
11. Come To Light

Like Sheep Led To Slaughter

Album: ''Like Sheep Led To Slaughter'' (2004)
1. Omen
2. Waking the Dead
3. A Graveyard For Bitches
4. Nomad
5. Politics Of Domination
6. Blood Burden
7. Rats In A Maze
8. Secrets Of The Prison House
9. Corpus Apocalypse
10. Study In Cancer
11. Exit Catacomb
12. The Fate


There are at least two bands sharing the name Crisis: 1. A British Punk Band, 2. An experimental Metal/Hardcore band.

1. Crisis was a British punk and post-punk band, formed in 1977 which was active until the early eighties when the band split up into the neofolk projects Death in June (lead by Douglas P.) and Sol Invictus (lead by Tony Wakeford).

Some Crisis tracks where reused for the new projects, some of their works where also re-released in 1997 as "We're all jews and germans", and in 2005 as "Holocaust Hymns".

2. Crisis is also the name of one well known U.S.A. metal band. Some of their songs were used for videogames as "Apocalypse" (PlayStation I), featuring Bruce Willis.

Crisis is an experimental hardcore/metal group formed in the earlier 1990s and fronted by Karyn Crisis, a female vocalist who takes excentric singing approaches as extreme falsettos, whines and guttural voices against dense and slow instrumental backgrounds. The group includes members from the United States, Pakistan and Taiwan, and have released four albums until nowadays.

Their current status is unknown: they have announced an indefinite hiatus in the middle of the year 2006. Following the last announcements in the official site of the band, many people have said they were trying to attract some public and media through their claims for an imminent split-up. Meanwhile, Karyn Crisis is dedicating more time to her painting which is sold in ebay. The artwork of Karyn could be appreciated in the band's covers.

Here is an extract of the underlined announce:

"All of us in Crisis would like to let our very faithful and diehard fans know that the band is going on an indefinite hiatus. We are sorry that our fans will not be hearing any new music from us in the near future. Crisis has had a long and fruitful life thus far. Therefore, we don't feel the need to justify our decision specifically. The band members will be focusing on their personal lives, as well as pursuing other artistic interests. In the meantime we strongly urge our fans to support original and honest artists and their music; a lot of them can be found on The End Records roster. We would especially like to thank our dedicated fans the world over for sticking so closely with us over a span of 12 years and more. We would also like to thank Andreas Katsambas and The End Records crew from the bottom of our hearts for all their support. If Crisis ever thinks about releasing another album it would be a pleasure for us to work with The End again."

3. There is also a band out of Charlotte, NC called Crisis. They are an independent pop/rock band that has been playing around the area for over ten years now. More information is available at their MySpace music page.

Death/Thrash (early), Hardcore/Metalcore

Religion, politics, sex, violence...

United States of America (New York, NY), formed in 1994

The End Records


Karyn Crisis - vocals
Afzaal Nasiruddeen - guitars (ex-Stalwarts)
Jywanza Hobson - guitars (ex-Voodoo Piglets of War, ex-Liquid Trip, ex-Wayne Foundation, ex-Toadeater, ex-Disease)
Ryan Ball - Drums
Nick Weitzel - Live Bass

Josh Florian - drums (ex-Turbine, ex-Burncycle)
Fred Waring - drums
Marshall Kilpatric - drums
Jason Bittner - drums (ex- Burning Human, Shadows Fall, ex-Stigmata)
Gia Chuan Wang (1994-2005) - bass


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