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Album: ''Inertia'' (2004)
1. Inertia
2. Trapped
3. Fade Away
4. Together as One
5. Invisible Enemy
6. Tortured by Memories
7. In Doom
8. All These Years
9. The Puppeteer
10. But My Freedom
11. Free Will
12. Tear Off My Mask

Downfall of Honesty

Album: ''Downfall of Honesty'' (2006)
1. The System has Failed
2. A Million Eyes
3. Praise Thy Name
4. Downfall of Honesty
5. Alter Ego
6. My Sheltered Dishonour
7. Hollow Creation
8. Human Sacrifice
9. Scarified Hypocrisy
10. Days of Wrath
11. The G.U.F. (The Final Sign)



Once Upon A Time ...

Not many bands can show as many successes and premature praise before the first official release like this quintet from Frankfurt/Main, Germany, which already released storms of enthusiasm in the hardly disputed metal underground with their fusion of modern trend and tradition, melody and power, progressive and straight rock, mystery and reality, independence and commerce, beyond trends and any attempt to curry favour.

"for us "heavy metal" is more than putting ourselves into musical and optical chains", explains singer Chris, "you carry this music in your heart. Boundless freedom, musical variety, loyalty to the scene and a healthy measure of positive rebellion - those are the attributes which we carry deep inside since the glorious eighties and what we live and make music for."

The new album "inertia" which will be released November 15th by mausoleum records/ soulfood stands as a clear statement for this. An impressing piece of steel, which casts the listeners under it's spell for nearly 60 minutes and thereby leads through real hells and back again into a fictitious reality. A roller coaster travel through the abysses of human soul up to the end of the circle and a nightmare behind luck.

Each of the musicians captivates the listeners by an unbelievable feeling for catchy hook lines, technical finesse, corner and edges so that the complete work is always alive and never gets sterile. The experimental phase has passed and the twelve songs on "inertia" are compact, catchy and at any time come inexorably on the point. For all hardness and energy which distinguishes the respective songs there are beautiful refrains and harmonies which settle lastingly in mind and also stay there for extremely long time. They only wait to be sung by the audience.

Drummer Jan Mischon understands, beside the driving and powerful drumming, to arrange the songs by his Latin- and jazz-affected style more variable and more rolling. It is not in vain that Xavier Naidoo and "Söhne Mannheims", with whom he already played several times, are full of respect for his ability. He brings the songs to life, he is the foundation wall of an enormous apparatus, a basic column which tells at the same time its own story. Besides he is also a highly gifted singer who was noticed already in various musicals (among other "Hair", "Little Shop Of Horror").

Bass player Jürgen Wieland is a highly explosive mixture in music which threatens to detonate at any time. One time he completes the basics with his monster grooves, in the next moment his prisoner inside screams for freedom and self-manifestation. On "Inertia" this energy was bundled and released in the right moments. From this develop solo inserts which give to the music more space and variety.

Both guitar players Oliver Lohmann and Gerd Lücking rank among the best ones in Germany. At least they must hide behind nobody. It's not in vain that Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), after a common concert leaned his head in reverence for this guitar duo. Thunderous heavy riffs, sensitive and hyper-fast soli which become rather often real duels.

Over all this floats the voice of Chris Staubach who sets the necessary complement with his varied vocals, carrying the listeners through the entire world of COURAGEOUS. Sometimes oppressing, heart-softening, psychotic, sensitively, painfully screaming, singing, roaring from deepest hell - no border which can not be crossed, no world of feelings which can not be trespassed. Hypnotic vocals pull you under it's spell, embracing and caressing, only to jump with both feet in your face in the next second and ensure that the following nights become troubled.

The world kept on turning ...

Since COURAGEOUS released their first self-financed debut album "Listen" in 1999 very much happened: new trends came and disappeared, new superstars were born and were forgotten in the next moment, metal was buried and seconds later was trendy again. Constantly and consistently COURAGEOUS went their own way in all these years and were respected for that either from fans and press. Both self-directed albums ("Remember" released in 2002) ensured sensation in the underground and were celebrated by the press. Live on stage the band knew how to convince with a professional, powerful and optically more than usual stage-acting. The guys obtained numerous shows with national and international artists as well as a place at the "Bang Your Head 2001".

After long negotiations it is done: the new CD "Inertia" will be released to mankind on November 15th. The musicians can hardly wait, because they feel like captured in their four walls of the rehearsal room. The band is ready to bring the masses to sweat and the venues to burst. With this record this dream might become reality nearly soon.

The new album "Inertia" received incredible reviews from the european press. However, it never reached the over-the-top-position, but there were many famous releases from well-known bands this month and the album missed the top-ten-positions very close. It hurted only shortly, because the reactions from all over the world healed every wound very fast. In the U.K. they called the music of COURAGEOUS "the future of Heavy Metal" - a strong compliment.

In January 2005 the band supported the hungarians SUPERBUTT on their european tour. After this experience they headlined some local festivals; radio and television appearances followed. From the good to the bad times: Back from the road COURAGEOUS faced the bad sides of the music business, because two confirmed european tours were canceled very close to the beginning. In both times the headliners had to cancel due to health or financial problems. So the musicians had enough time to write new songs for the upcoming album.

In October 2005 COURAGEOUS has been choosen as "best band" from the listeners of the famous radiostation "YOU FM" at Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It's spectacular, because the radiostation is a mainstream radio and COURAGEOUS was the only Heavy Metal Band performing this evening. The liveconcert and the presentation of the award was simply awesome. Heavy Metal is still alive!

At the end of the year the band entered the "Black-Solaris-Studios" in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, to record the new album in cooperation with producer Uwe Lulis (REBELLION, ex- GRAVE DIGGER). The recording and mixing sessions for "Downfall Of Honesty" were finally done in spring 2006. Unfortunately it was too late to release before the festival season, so it was postponed to autum 2006.

Another break, and COURAGEOUS took the opportunity to play some shows with bands like VICIOUS RUMORS, NEVERMORE, CRUCIFIED BARBARA, SONATA ARCTICA and DORO.

Now the time has come: On Friday, October 13th the new album "Downfall Of Honesty" will be released worldwide. Eleven new songs, even more straighter and more catchier, but on the other hand also more rough and more variable. An explosive combination - everybody is called to check out in the middle of October. On October 31st COURAGEOUS is going to support BEYOND FEAR (with ex-JUDAS PRIEST siren Tim "Ripper" Owens) and the San Francisco legends from VICIOUS RUMORS on their european tour "A Lesson In Metal". A Triple Metal Attack!

Thrash/Heavy Metal

Germany (Frankfurt/Main)

Mausoleum Records


Chris Staubach - Vocals (Rawboned)
Oliver Lohmann - Guitars
Gerd Lücking - Guitars (Rawboned, Rebellion (Ger), Lightmare, ex-Melancholic Seasons)
Jan Mischon - Drums (Sensles)

Jürgen Wieland - Bass


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