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Dawn of Sullen Oratory

Album: ''Dawn of Sullen Oratory'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Sadness
2. Mystic Whores Fly
3. Scarlet-Souled
4. Receive My Sacrifice
5. Eve In The Shroud
6. A Heart Of Ashes

The Ultra-Florescence

Album: ''The Ultra-Florescence'' (1993 Demo)
1. Unchristian Reality (Intro)
2. Enraptured With Illusion
3. Profane Inherence
4. Into The Darkness
5. Sanity Ignored
6. Effigy The Infirmity
7. The Ultra-Florescence
8. Absorbed In Misery
9. Vicious Constellation (Outro)

Bacchus Songs

Album: ''Bacchus Songs'' (1996)
1. As Horses Override
2. Lubricant Rain
3. Sweet Misery
4. Bacchus Song
5. I Distend
6. Freaky Friday
7. Ernestine
8. Ride The Dragon
9. Meryphillia
10. Der Ubermensch


Album: ''Ecstasy'' (1996)
1. Ecstasy
2. Animals He Served
3. Winter Winds
4. Mystic Whores Fly
5. Wooden Jesus
6. Receive My Sacrifice
7. Scarlet - Souled
8. Eye In The Shroud
9. Breezy Winds
10. Sorrows
11. A Heart Of Ashes
12. When Love Was Mine


Album: ''Junky'' (1998 Demo)
1. Junkie
2. Die Young
3. Never Get Old
4. Pole Nation


Album: ''Pussyworld'' (2002)
1. Wardog
2. Junkie
3. Wasted
4. Manitou
5. Die Young
6. Whispering
7. Witcher
8. Pussy Quest & Chain Saw Hash
9. Never Get Old
10. The Day After
11. Paranoid
12. Perfect Strangers


Album: ''Orgasmusica'' (2003)
1. Blasting foreskins
2. Sleeper
3. The angel & the beast
4. Flying carpet
5. In league with the devil
6. Revenge
7. Groovy liberator
8. Baby Satan
9. I used to know the little Red Ridding Hood
10. Demon by my side
11. Hate the haters
12. Candlelight
13. Lubricant rains (bonus track)



Corruption's a polish stoner metal band formed in Sandomierz, Poland.
The band was set up in April 1991, with P. Horne (vocal), Chicken (guitars), Aniol (bass) and Melon (drums). Throughout the following years they gave a lot of concerts. In May'92 the band recorded their first demo tape. Carnage Records wanted to sign them; that is why the material was recorded again in May/July. "The Ultra-Florescence" was released by Carnage Records in February'93. In the meantime Corruption played many gigs with Vader, Armagedon, Cryptic Tales, Schismatic. The cassette sold well; 2000 copies were sold only in May'93. In April '93 Mirek (keyboards) joined the band. Together they went on The Ultra-Tour. In June '93 Corruption worked on "Dawn Of Sullen Oratory". This promo contains music that can be described as dark, gloomy, sinister classic doom. In June '93 the band took part in the 6th edition of the S'TRASH'YDLO festival, with such groups as Asphyx (Holland), Temperance (Sweden), Proton Burst (France), Violent Dirge, Hazael, Geisha Goner. The "Dawn Of Sullen Oratory" promo turned out to be successful; the band was signed by Sick Records. They worked on the material for the record until March '94. From April to June '94 Corruption were recording their debut album entitled "Ecstasy", which was released in January '95. In April '95 another guitarist, Thrashu, joined the band, and they took part in the 10th edition of the Metalmania festival in '95. They performed alongside Death, Grave, Samael, Unleashed, Shihad... Throughout the following months the band worked on a new material. In October '95 Chicken was expelled from the band.

In November/December '95 the band recorded a new material at Spaart Studio, which was released as "Bacchus Songs" by Negative Records in November '96. The album got favorable reviews in such magazines as: "Brum", "Tylko Rock" and "Metal Hammer". In the meantime at the beginning of '96 Gootek joined the band. In June '96 "Ecstasy" was finally released on CD in Poland and abroad. The band also terminated its cooperation with Sick Records due to the label's incompetence. In August '96 Corruption took part in 8th edition of the Shark Attack festival. In January '97 P. Horne left the band and D.J.Abel took his place. Five months later Mirek left the band as well.

In January '98 Corruption recorded "Junky" promo tape at Spaart Studio. In the same year the band played several gigs in the south-east of Poland. They performed in Krakow, Starachowice, Brzeszcze, Jastrzebie Zdroj, among others.

In May '98 the band took part in the international festival, organized by a German record company, Awaken Production. The event took place in Kolobrzeg. Corruption played together with Night in Gales (D) and Tortharry (CZ). In '98 Gootek left the band and Pawel (Electric Hate Machine) took his place.

In 2000 Rufus, a new vocalist, joined the band. In May 2000 Corruption played together with Behemoth in Sanok. The concert was a part of the Behemoth's Millenium Tour. In July the band played as a headliner during the 9th edition of the Negative Zone festival in Sandomierz. In March '01 Corruption recorded a new material under the title "Pussyworld" at Kokszoman studio. It can be described as 60 minutes of solid stoner rock. The recording was completed in April '01. Promo CDs were distributed to several recording label. At the same time the band was playing a lot of shows in Poland and gained the new circle of fans. In December '01 Corruption celebrated the 10th anniversary. "The birthday show" took place in Sandomierz - the hometown of the band. In the first half of 2002 Corruption played gigs in southern Poland.
In July 2002 the band signed the record contract with Metal Mind Production. On 27/08/2002 "Pussyworld" was released. The media promotion was launched world-wide. In November 2002, the band visited a few cities in Poland under the Kiss, Lick, Penetrate Tour 2002 together with Necrophobic, Quo Vadis, Unnamed & Mess Age. In the beginning of 2003 Corruption was the special guest during the Warsaw gigs of Soufly (03/02/03) and Paul Di Anno (09/03/03).

On 1 June 2003 Elektryczny left the band. In the beginning of July Corruption was one of the stars of X Rock Festival in Wêgorzewo. After that the band entered Kokszoman Studio to record their new material "Orgasmusica".

On 2 August Corruption performed in front of 400.000-people audience at Przystanek Woodstock, the biggest European rock festival! The two-day festival hosted legendary Killing Joke as the first day headliner, and also Vader, Sweet Noise, Acid Drinkers and other Polish bands. Corruption gave a great and a very energetic gig which was recorded by Polish public TV, and the audience response was fantastic. In September "Orgasmusica" was released by metal Mind Production.

The band played several concerts to support the new material. The most important one took place on 3 December in Katowice Spodek where Corruption was the opening act for the legendary Deep Purple. 10 thousand rock fans saw this show. It was a real breakthrough in the band's career and a very good prognosis before the release of their first official DVD - "Hellectrify Yourself".

DVD recording took place in Cracow Krzemionki TV studio. It was released on September 27th, 2004. Earlier in 2004 Trashu and Fala had left the band. Opath (Leash Eye) and Erol became the new guitarists. In autumn 2004 the band was the headliner of Hellride Tour. In August 2005 Corruption played Hunterfest in Szczytno.

In the meantime tracks for the new album were made. Recording of "Virgin's Milk" took place in Taklamakan Studio in September/October 2005 with Przemek "Per³a" Wejman (Guess Why, ex-Acid Drnikers)as the producer of the album.. VM was released on November 2005. On March 4th, 2006 Corruption played Metalmania Festival in Katowice alongside Nevermore, Anathema, Soilwork, Therion, Udo, 1349, Moonspell. In May 2006 the band took part in Demigod 2 Tour with Behemoth, Virgin Snatch ad Hermh on the bill. The metal storm hit Elbl¹g, Warszawa, Rzeszów, Kraków, Katowice, Poznañ, Zielona Góra, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz nad Gdynia.

On November 25th, 2006 Corruption celebrated their 15th birthday in Warsaw Progresja club.

On March 17th, 2007 the band won the first Polish edition of Wacken Metal Battle and will represent Poland on Wacken Open Air 2007 this August. Only two Polish bands: Vader and Behemoth played Wacken Festival so far. Every year over 60 thousand fans come to Germany to see the biggest and the most prestigious metal fest in the world.

On June 2nd, 2007 Corruption will be a special guest on Orange Goblin's only Polish show in Wroc³aw. Corruption appearance on the bill was strongly requested by the British stoner legends themselves.
Premiere of "Lucy Fair" video clip is scheduled for April 2007.

The band is currently working on the new songs for the new album titled "Bourbon River Bank", recording of which will start in Autumn 2007.

Straight from

Melodic Doom/Death, Stoner Metal

Sex, Drugs, Getting High

Poland (Sandomierz (early), Warszawa (now)), formed in 1991

Metal Mind Production


Rufus - Vocals
Anio³ (Piotr W¹cisz) Bass (Virgin Snatch)
Eryk - Guitar
Opath - Guitar (ex-Gortal, Leash-Eye, Ascalon)
Melon - Drums

P. Horne - Vocals (Electric Hate Machine, Night Gallery)
Miroslaw Mróz- Keyboards
Grzegorz Wilkowski - Drums
Fala - Guitar
Pawe³ Kubik - Guitar (ex-Electric Hate Machine)
Thrashu - Guitar


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