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Demo I

Album: ''Demo I'' (1994 Demo)
1. Dying Alone
2. Samples From the Mind
3. Cry
4. Cry (1993)
5. Negative

Unorthodox Creative Criteria

Album: ''Unorthodox Creative Criteria'' (2005)
1. Crippled Tracker
2. The Inborn Mechanics
3. Neutralized
4. Merge Into
5. Fractures
6. Hostile Silent Raptures
7. Streams
8. Isolated Through Multiplicity
9. Individual Choice
10. Glimpses
11. Constriction
12. Motion
13. Wavelength



COPRÓFAGO (from greek, copro: shit, fago: eat) was formed in June of 1993 in Santiago, Chile, by Sebastián Vergara (guitar, vocals), Pablo Alvarez (guitar) and two friends of theirs. In November of 1994 they recorded their first demo, a 4 songs tape featuring probably the youngest kids in Metal scene (their average age was about 15 at the release time). Although the demo didn't have a good reception from the press, that tape is now sold out. In March of 1995, Marcelo entered as the definitive drummer. With this line-up they played during 1995 and 1996.

In 1997 they recorded their second album, "Images Of Despair". Before finishing the recording, the bassist left due to musical differences. Felipe Castro, old friend of Pablo and Sebastián, took his place and finished the recording. The music of this LP is faster than any previous material, but some progressive elements are present, due to Pablo´s growing interest in Jazz-fusion at that time.

In band's eyes, some of the songs in that album required a different type of voice as a complement to Sebastián's low growls, so although I.O.D. was almost finished in early 1998, it wasn't released because they spent several months proving vocalists without success.

In December of ‚98 the promo single "Empty Creature" was released, featuring Pablo's first attempt on vocal duties. The full lenght would come out in September of the following year with Pablo as a definitive singer, making of COPROFAGO a 2-frontmen band. The response to I.O.D. from the Metal press & media was excellent. It got good critics in lots of magazines as well as online Metal sites; Empty Creature was included in Grinder magazine's Compilation, and the whole album had some airplay in local Metal radios even one year after its debut.

Soon after I.O.D.'s release, Felipe left the band, entering Rodrigo Casto in his replacement. Rodrigo is a fretless player, something uncommon in Metal music, so his inclusion in the band reinforced the singularity of COPROFAGO's sound.

On December 2000 Genesis is released, a conceptual album about the creation of delimited objects from a single point. Brutallity is still here, and jazzy landscapes stands out.

Right now, the band is promoting this new record and writing new songs.

Current Line-Up:
Pablo Alvarez - Guitar, Vocal & Keyboard
Sebastián Vergara - Guitar, Vocal & Keyboard
Rodrigo Castro - Fretless Bass
Felipe Castro - Bass
Marcelo Ruiz - Drums

Post-thrash (new), Technical death / thrash (old)

Abstract Concepts

Chile (Santiago), formed in 1993

Appease Me/Candlelight


Pablo Alvarez - Guitar, Vocals
Felipe Castro - Bass
Marcelo Ruiz - Drums
Sebastian Vergara - Guitar, Vocals

Rodrigo Castro - Bass
Pablo Solari - Bass 1993-1996
Ignacio Suit - Drums 1993-1996


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