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Conspiracy in Mind

Album: ''Conspiracy in Mind'' (2005)
1. Conspiracy in Mind
2. History Reversed
3. They Feed on Our Fear
4. Communication Sublime
5. The Distance
6. Ocean Bed
7. Silence Surrounds

Waves of Visual Decay

Album: ''Waves of Visual Decay'' (2006)
1. Under a Luminous Sky
2. Frozen Asleep in the Park
3. Watching It all Disappear
4. Fooled by the Serpent
5. Waves of Visual Decay
6. My Bleeding Victim
7. At Dewy Prime



Communic is a metal band from Mandal, Norway. The band was founded in March 2003 by guitarist/vocalist Oddleif Stensland and drummer Tor Atle Andersen (both ex-Scariot), who shortly after was joined by bass player Erik Mortensen, (a former band mate of Oddleif's from Ingermanland).

What started out as a project band for Oddleif and Tor Atle, was soon to become a fully-fledged band, and in January 2004, the band entered dUb studio and recorded a three-track demo, that the band distributed in only 100 copies. Shortly after (March 2004), the band hooked up with the Danish based "Intromental Management". The demo was voted "demo of the month" in Rock Hard Germany, and also featured a song from the demo on the sampler CD in Heavy Oder Was, and became praised all around the underground milieu!

In April 2004, Oddleif Stensland quit Scariot to fully focus on Communic for the future - so now all priority for both Oddleif and Tor Atle went into Communic.

Finally, in July 2004, all the details were in place and the band had signed a long-term record deal with well-respected German label Nuclear Blast for several albums. In September 2004 Communic spent 3 weeks in the Danish Jacob-Hansen-Studios with producer Jacob Hansen to recording their debut album Conspiracy in Mind, which was released February 21st 2005. Joining the band on the album is Danish keyboarder Peter Jensen (ex-Sinphonia) in order to give the music a more atmospheric touch and fuller sound. Peter will also work with the band on upcoming gigs and tours.

In 2006 they released their 2nd album Waves of Visual Decay.

The musical style of Communic is rich in both emotional depth and musical broadness and includes many elements from various metal genres. Catchy vocal melodies, thrilling bass and guitar lines colliding with power, thrash, progressive and a bit of doom and groovy metal.

Communic consists of highly skilled musicians that deliver quality metal with variety and originality. The music has a progressive touch in some experimental form, yet easy to listen to - quite moody, mellow and emotional, and a mix of influences from the 80's and 90's metal scene, but most of all it's a mix of the different approach each member of the band has on the music, thus giving it the unique sound and feeling, that makes it hard for fans and media to compare Communic to just one other band. However, it's worth mentioning that "Conspiracy In Mind" should appeal to fans of such classic bands as Psychotic Waltz, Sanctuary/Nevermore, Candlemass and even the more modern metal such as Soilwork or In Flames.

Progressive Heavy/Power Metal

Life, Psychology, Dreams

Norway (Kristiansand), formed in 2003

Nuclear Blast


Oddleif Stensland - guitars/vocals (ex-Scariot, Clairvoya)
Tor Atle Gabrielsen-Andersen - drums (ex-Scariot, Opus Forgotten,ex- Apostasy (Nor))
Erik Mortensen - bass (Clairvoya)


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