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Megatrends in Brutality

Album: ''Megatrends in Brutality'' (1992)
1. The Dog Days
2. Wash Away The Filth
3. Slope
4. Teuton Tantrums
5. The Mule
6. Armed Solution
7. The Future Belongs To Us
8. Conductor Of Ashes
9. Good Boy Benito
10. Omnivorous Excess
11. Ulcer

Converging Conspiracies

Album: ''Converging Conspiracies'' (1993)
1. Democrator
2. The Ethno-Surge
3. Community
4. Aerie
5. Bleed / Burn
6. Morticide
7. Worms
8. Pinhole View
9. The Whole World
10. God Told Me To
11. Dipstick
12. The House That Man Built

Fable Frolic

Album: ''Fable Frolic'' (1995)
1. Soft, Creamy Lather
2. How I Won The War
3. Bovine Inspiration
4. Frogs
5. Ways Of Wisdom (Serves Two)
6. Propelling Scythes
7. The Family Album
8. Imploder
9. It Wears Me Down
10. Anaconda Charms Grass Snake
11. Icons Of Urine
12. Sunday Stroll
13. Canvas Of History



Comecon were a Swedish death metal band active in the early 1990s. Rasmus Ekman and Pelle Ström, who shared guitars & bass duties, were the only members to play on the 3 albums the band released. They never had a real drummer (utilizing programmed drums instead), and every album featured a different singer, each time a well-known name from the death metal scene. On their first effort, 1992's "Megatrends in Brutality", vocals were handled by Lars-Göran Petrov, who had just left Entombed (only to rejoin Entombed a bit later). On 1993's "Converging Conspiracies", the singer is Martin van Drunen, formerly of Pestilence, who also sung in Asphyx and had a brief stint in Bolt Thrower. Finally, on 1995's "Fable Frolic", van Drunen's successor is Marc Grewe, member of the German death metal outfit Morgoth.

Death Metal

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1989

Century Media


Vocals : Marc Grewe (Action Jackson, ex-Morgoth (Ger), Power of Expression)
Guitars, bass, keyboards : Rasmus Ekman (Omnitron, The Krixhjälters)
Guitars, bass, keyboards : Pelle Ström (The Krixhjälters, Agony (Swe),Omnitron)

L-G Petrov (Morbid (Swe), Nihilist (Swe), Entombed, ex-The Project Hate, ex-Hypocrite)
Martin Van Drunen (Hail Of Bullets, Bunkur, ex-Pestilence (Hol), Asphyx (Hol), ex-Submission (Hol), ex-Bolt Thrower, Death by Dawn, Mortuary I.O.D. (Guest))


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