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Album: ''É O Fim'' (2005 Demo)
1. Intro
2. É O Fim
3. Graças À Deus
4. Hora De Acordar
5. Injustiças
6. Lugarzinho No Céu
7. Matando Você
8. Punk
9. Sr. Almofadinha
10. Láife
11. Colapso



COLAPSO came together late 2003 from the initiative of Carlos Rodríguez and Diego Rojas, as a side project to which David Coloma and José Romero would join to write and perform, with William Mena later joining the fold. The band practices its own vein of Melodic Death Metal, influenced by all currents of Metal, and primarily by bands such as At The Gates, In Flames, Dimension Zero, Vehemence, Napalm Death, among others. In October 2004 we recorded a demo for the song “CERCA DEL ABISMO”, which introduced our music and recieved great reception. During 2005 the band would undergo major changes in its formation, with the departure of David Coloma who left the country. Mauro Pazmiño would join in guitar duties, once again solidifying the line up. The band has visited many parts of Ecuador, delivering their music in important shows such as Impetu 2005, festival Aberración, and in many shows organized under the banner of Escena Hardcore en Vivo, an initiative to bring life back to the local metalcore and hardcore scene, and sharing the stage with bands such as Descomunal, Mortero, Asfixia, Sarcoma, Asepsia, Selva, Días de Ira, Cafetera Sub, Korzus(Brasil), Zona Cero(Colombia). 2006 would be a major year for us, with a couple of national tours alongside international bands: Confronto(Brasil) in Quito, Ambato, and Guayaquil; the Orange Man Theory(Italy)/Anton(Mexico) in Quito, Ambato and Portoviejo; and closing the years’ achievements with the Madball show in Quito. All of this contributed for this year to be one of great learning and growth for the band. In 2007 we have taken a leap forward. We’ve had the opportunity to play at Festivalfff 2007 in Ambato, one of the largest festivals in the country, and we appeared at the Fete de Musik organized by the Alliance Francaise at parque Itchimbia. During April and May of this year, the band entered the studio and produced its first material, which was released as part of a split CD along the brazilian metalcore band, Paura, titled “DESPUES DEL DOLOR”. This was the first release of Alarma, an initiative born upon the evolution of what was Escena Hardcore en Vivo. Recorded in EQ Estudios, with the production of Juan Pablo Rivas, and Colapso, and mastered by Alan Douches. The five tracks (and an intro) in this imprint are a testimony of the process undergone by the band in its first years of existence, and have made clear that we are a band that stands on its own feet and treads its own path. Colapso has always been about taking the chance, and putting it all on the line. It’s time for the time to be shown, and for the effort to speak of our strength. It’s time to die


Society Issues, Anti-Religion, Hate...

Brazil (Recife/PE), formed in 2004

Traankaa Ruaa Rec.


Vocals - George
Guitar and Vocals - Luiz
Bass and Vocals - Gabriel
Drums - Luis

Phelipe (ex-Hissteria, ex-Last Name)


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