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Album: ''promo '98'' (1998 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Native Resistance
3. Anti-Christian Warfare
4. Clandestine Blaze
5. Icons of Torture
6. Blood Stream
7. Outro

Fire Burns In Our Hearts

Album: ''Fire Burns In Our Hearts'' (1999)
1. Intro
2. Clandestine Blaze
3. Anti-Christian Warfare
4. Native Resistance
5. Children of God
6. Killing the Waste of Flesh
7. Icons of Torture
8. Vatican in Flames / Outro

On the Mission

Album: ''On the Mission'' (1999 EP)
1. On the Mission
2. Tearing Down Jerusalem

Night of the Unholy Flames

Album: ''Night of the Unholy Flames'' (2000)
1. Intro
2. Chambers
3. Cross of Black Steel
4. Night of the Unholy Flames
5. Invisible Death
6. There's Nothing...
7. Aikakausi on lyhyt
8. Future Lies in the Hands of the Strong

There Comes the Day...

Album: ''There Comes the Day...'' (2001 Demo)
1. Fist Of The Northern Destroyer
2. Nation Of God
3. There Comes The Day...
4. Altar Of Perversion
5. Outro

Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega

Album: ''Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega'' (2001 Split)
1. Will to Kill
2. Blasphemous Lust
3. Raping the Innocent
4. Genocide Operation
5. Bestial Orgies
6. The Suicide Curse
7. Seal of Perversion

Fist of the Northern Destroyer

Album: ''Fist of the Northern Destroyer'' (2002)
1. Fist of the Northern Destroyer
2. Praising the Self
3. Doll of Darkness
4. Ribs of Virgin
5. There Comes the Day
6. Goat - Creative Alienation
7. I Have Seen...

Below the Surface of Cold Earth

Album: ''Below the Surface of Cold Earth'' (2002 Demo)
1. Below the Surface of Cold Earth
2. Weeping on the Cross
3. Funeral of Humanity

Blood and Cum

Album: ''Blood and Cum'' (2002 Demo)
1. Tool
2. Blood and Cum
3. Raping Baby Jesus
4. Autumn Burial

Goat - Creative Alienation

Album: ''Goat - Creative Alienation'' (2002 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Praising the Self
3. Doll of Darkness
4. Goat - Creative Alienation
5. Fist of the Northern Destroyer

Deliverers Of Faith

Album: ''Deliverers Of Faith'' (2004)
1. Beyond the Reason
2. Psychopathia Sexualis
3. Winter of White Death
4. Falling
5. Tormented
6. Grave of Gratification

Clandestine Blaze / Satanic Warmaster

Album: ''Clandestine Blaze / Satanic Warmaster'' (2004 Split album)
1. Intro / My Torments
2. Sacrificial Fires
3. Conspiring Winds of the Abyss
4. Disease
5. Guided by Black Light
6. To the Legions
7. Outro

Crushing the Holy Trinity (Son)

Album: ''Crushing the Holy Trinity (Son)'' (2005 Split)
1. Kalpeina helvetin tulessa
2. Ruton ruhtinas
3. Hän on pimeys
4. Valkeuden hauras tuhka
5. Intro
6. Destroyer of Nations
7. Trophy
8. Behind the Faith

Church of Atrocity

Album: ''Church of Atrocity'' (2006)
1. Church of Atrocity
2. Ashes of the Eternal Wanderer
3. Storm of Purification
4. Last Morning of Old North
5. Frozen Angel
6. Unforgiven Acts

clandestine blaze


Clandestine Blaze is the one-man black metal attack of the owner of Finnish label Northern Heritage, Mikko Aspa. Aspa has recently become the vocalist for Deathspell Omega, and also has a few side projects such as Stabat Mater, Fleshpress, Creamface, Nicole 12, Grunt, Clinic of Torture and Alchemy of the 20th Century, hel also played in Morbid Savouring. Aspa also owns the Power Electronics label Freak Animal and is the editor of Erotic Perversion magazine and Public Obscenities videos. Clandestine Blaze has done a collaboration with the Finnish band Satanic Warmaster and a split with Deathspell Omega before Mikko was the singer. Clandestine Blaze has done also 4 albums, 1 EP and 5 demos. The music is inspired by such Norwegian groups as Darkthrone and Burzum.

Black Metal

Anti-Christianity, Anti-Zionism, Misanthropy

Finland (Lahti), formed in 1998

Northern Heritage


Mikko Aspa: vocals & all instruments (Deathspell Omega, Fleshpress, ex-Morbid Savouring, Stabat Mater, A.M., D.O.M., Creamface, Noise Waste, Grunt, Clinic of Torture, Alchemy of the 20th Century, Nicole 12, Nihilist Commando, Pain Nail)


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