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Anthology: A Decade On The Throne

Album: ''Anthology: A Decade On The Throne'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. The Breath of Ocean
2. Decomposition of the Mother Isle (Aboriginal Gods Enthroned)
3. Floated Unconsciously In the Acheron
4. The Killing Road
5. Onset of Tragedy
6. Relentless Recurrence
7. Indigenous Laceration
8. Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
9. Quasi Putrefaction
10. Guard the Isle Eternally

Unlimited Taiwan

Album: ''Unlimited Taiwan'' (2007 Single)
1. Taiwan Unlimited



Chthonic is a Taiwanese black/extreme metal band.

"ChthoniC's melodies can be characterized as extreme metal with a central inspiration and folklore coming from the black metal movement. Chthonic uses the traditional Chinese stringed instrument, Er- hu, which can be compared to an eastern violin. The sound of the Er-hu is one of grief and sorrow, which Chthonic accompanies with heavy drums, guitar strings blending into a harmony.

The music undulates and flows with the tempo of ancient mythology, and often, through lyrics, conveys an abbreviated version of a traditional myth or legend. Freddy Lin, lead vocalist, uses his voice to tear and rip melodies, using both ancient and modern language and energy which mixes easily with the music. The music swings from cool despair, to the heat of shock and anger. By wavering between these emotions Chthonic is unparalleled in the world of black metal song composition."

They are also known to be the first Taiwanese metal band to gain international and regional recognition and have won numerous awards. 2003, they won the Best Band Award at the Taiwan Golden Melodies Award Ceremony.

They have been chosen for Ozzfest 2007, it being their first full U.S. Tour. It is also a Freefest, a free event for fans.

Melodic Black Metal

Taiwanese Myths and Legends

Taiwan (Taipei), formed in 1995

Down Port Music


Freddy (Left Face of Maradou) - Vocals, Oriental 2-string Violin (Er-hu)
Jesse (The Infernal) - Guitar
Doris (Thunder Tears) - Bass, Background Vocal
CJ (Dispersed Fingers) - Synthesizer, Piano
Dani (Azathothian Hands) - Drums
Su-Nung (The Bloody String) - Oriental Violin

Vivien - Keyboards
Ambrosia - Keyboards
Yu- Drums
Wang - Bass
Terry - Bass
Null - Guitar
Zac - Guitar
Ellis - Guitar
Sandee Chan - Guest Vocals on ``Seediq Bale`` (Material Girls)
Reno Killerich - Session Drums on“Seediq Bale (Evil Morgan, Kobeast, 12Gauge (Live), ex-Downlord (Session), ex-Exmortem (Dnk), Hate Eternal, Old Man's Child, Panzerchrist, ex-Strangler, ex- Vile (US), ex-Dimmu Borgir)
A-Jay - Drums
Roger - Er-hu


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