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Intro Spectre

Album: ''Intro Spectre'' (2006)
1. Intro Spectre
2. Forgive me
3. Control
4. I wait
5. Set me free
6. Forbidden
7. Tear me down
8. Ex amino
9. A dream of reality
10. New born eyes
11. Now Im alone
12. Walking in your shadow


It all started around September 2005, in a little town called Port Elizabeth (South Africa), 4 people were destined to be together in a band they would all call their own. In this band, everyone would have an equal say; there would be no “front man”, everyone would share the spotlight, this band would become one of the most anticipated bands to play Port Elizabeth… isn’t that what should be happening from the start? August 2005, Jared Gunston, (Guitarist, Vocalist) wrote 2 songs in his studio. He was currently playing in a band called Corporate War, but felt that he needed to express his music in another style. Jared met Matthew Engelbrecht (Guitarist, Vocalist) out at a pub and at college. He was currently playing for Morgan Street. They got together in the studio and started rocking out some old school metal riffs, and it felt good. “Immediately Matt was asked to be apart of this band, or should I rather say “Studio Project” – You see, it was never really planned to take it beyond that. "We all had our own bands but we needed a new form of escape so we got out our “inner metal” through this new, studio project”. – Jared. Adrian Basson (Drummer, Backing Vocals) currently was playing for Corporate War, was asked to come listen to the music. He liked it, and was the obvious choice as a drummer. September 2005, Jared leaves his band to take this one a little more seriously. Adrian and Matt become permanent members. Between September and November they started writing songs in the studio. “OK, so now who do we get to play bass?” Stylez (Bassist, Backing Vocals) currently playing in Chemical Bliss. We all got on well with the guy, and he was a guitarist. “For some strange reason I decided to just go up to him at a gig and say, “Yo man, would you ever play bass guitar for a band?” and he said “Ye man, I dig playing all instruments” We didn’t hear from the guy in awhile, thinking that he probably wasn’t interested until one night out we saw him again and he asked if we were still interested in having him, so we gave him a go!” – Jared Chromium, the new found band decided to book a date for a gig to make them work harder towards getting ready. 16th of December was the date, it would become a night to remember. Posters were put up even before the band was finalized saying “Chromium is coming…” and we would secretly play some of our tunes to people and tell them it’s a new SA band coming. By December, “Everyone is asking me about Chromium, it’s going to be huge!” – Jack Hamers Management. We counted 229 paying people at the door, not bad for a first gig… especially being in a venue that doesn’t normally hold more then 100 people. J So what can you expect from a live show? A good performance, a lot of energy and participation between the band and the crowd. Chromium is not one of those bands that have that "on stage attitude" - it's all about having fun.

Groove Metal/Metalcore

Personal, loss

South Africa (Johannesburg), formed in 2005



Adrian Basson - Bass & Backing Vocals
Matthew Engelbrecht - Guitar & Vocals
Hannes Matthysen - Drums
Jared Gunston - Guitar & Vocals


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