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Prelude of the Wanderer

Album: ''Prelude of the Wanderer'' (2001 Single)
1. Ride by the Storm
2. Essence of Darkness
3. Vengefull Angel

Saga of the Wanderer Part 1: Feelings

Album: ''Saga of the Wanderer Part 1: Feelings'' (2004)
1. Intro - The Dreamsower
2. The Dreamsower
3. Intro - Morning Shade
4. Morning Shade
5. Intro - Tortuous Loneliness
6. Tortuous Loneliness
7. Intro - Wrinkles of the Oak
8. Wrinkles of the Oak
9. Intro - Rose For Thorns
10. Rose For Thorns
11. Intro - Scars Unseen
12. Scars Unseen
13. Intro - Essence of Darkness
14. Essence of Darkness
15. Intro - Vengeful Angel
16. Vengeful Angel
17. Intro - Ridden by the Storm
18. Ridden by the Storm
19. Intro - The Book of Radamés Suite
20. Moviment I: The Revelation
21. Moviment II: The Creation
22. Moviment III: The Work
23. Moviment IV: The Love & The Hatred
24. Moviment V: Radamés's Betrayal
25. Moviment VI: The Ressurrection
26. Moviment VII: The Friendship



chimaera has recently changed it's name into The dying, to stop the confusion with the american "chimaira"
Chimaera is a 5-piece band hailing from the north-east part of Belgium called Limburg (kindred, crawlspace, ashlar, full court press, kombat). Raised from the ashes of ?Burden? They started with Chimaera in the beginning of the year 2000, also the time xkoenx joined the forces. Chimaera created a sound you can probably describe as a mix between metal and hardcore. Technical and melodic metal with some midtempo hardcore riffs, and from time to time some aggressive blackmetal-mayhem. This is where Chimaera stands for on a musical level.

In September 2001 they decided to record their self-titled Mcd? to let people know their music and to get more shows. Things worked out very well since then and Chimaera played tons of gigs. They shared stages with: heaven shall burn, liar, throwdown, eighteen visions, congress, born from pain, kingpin, dead blue sky, circle, .calibre, give up the ghost, kombat, ? and much more cool bands. All those shows gave them a decent live-reputation and leaded to a record-deal with Genet recordings. In july 2003 Chimaera recorded their first full-length album ?Passion sets the killing? that will be released in October 2003. 9 songs of pure metalcore-mayhem will be unleashed to the crowd? Lyrics deal about very different subjects, because Chimaera wants to contribute as many issues as possible. Most of the time they deal about some essential problems in our society like: war, human- and animal liberation, racism, organised religion, ? but also about some personal things like friendship and love.

Progressive Metal

Feelings, Life

Brazil (Porto Alegre, RS), formed in 1999



Raul Dressler - Guitars
Mateus Soares Borges - Drums
Thiago Pimentel - Vocals
Rodrigo Chaves Serafini - Bass

César Lopes - Keyboards
Pablo Fernandes - Keyboards
Paulo Paludo - guitars
Rafael Gubert - vocals


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