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Ancient Demons

Album: ''Ancient Demons'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Guardian Of The Gates
2. Burned At The Stake
3. Devil's Reign
4. Witches Brew
5. Knee Deep In The Dead
6. Welcome To Hell (Venom Cover)
7. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
8. The Blackest Night
9. Seek The Reaper
10. Enemy Of Christ
11. Burn In Black Fire
12. The Sadist
13. Angry Neurotic Catholics (Carnivore Cover)
14. Hades (Bathory Cover)


Album: ''Hellrockin' Demos II: The Next Assault'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Intro: Curse Of Corbis
2. Stronger Than God
3. Witches Brew
4. Knee Deep In The Dead
5. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
6. Prelude: Summoning
7. Enemy Of Christ
8. Burn In Black Fire
9. The Sadist
10. Welcome To Hell (Venom Cover)
11. Don't Burn The Witch (Venom Cover)
12. Seek The Reaper ('86 Version)
13. Friday The 13th ('86 Version)
14. The Sadist ('86 Version)
15. Seek The Reaper (Live '86)
16. Iron Fist (Motörhead Cover) (Live '86)
17. 20 Eyes (Misfits Cover)
18. Bullet (Misfits Cover)
19. Halloween (Misfits Cover)
20. Angry Neurotic Catholics (Carnivore Cover)
21. Hades (Bathory Cover)


Album: ''Evilspeak'' (2006)
1. Intro: Kvlt Envff??
2. Full Metal Jacket
3. United Satanic America
4. Spider Queen
5. Knee Deep In The Dead
6. Stronger Than God
7. Last Temptation
8. Burned At The Stake
9. Enemy of Christ
10. Devil's Reign
11. The Blackest Night
12. Hammer Crushing Death
13. Guardian of The Gates
14. House of Blood



The 1980's was an amazing time for Extreme Metal. It was a decade that gave birth to some of the names that now command nothing less than respect: Venom. Bathory. Celtic Frost. Possessed. Slayer. Sodom. The Mentors. Motorhead. Destruction. Anthrax. Carnivore. Mercyful Fate. Metallica. Exodus. Kreator. The list could go on almost indefinitely. It was an era when the new genres of Thrash and Black Metal were evolving into a force that would withstand the test of time. It was a collection of sounds, styles and attitudes that would pave the way for Metal bands for years, even decades to come. Ramrod of Chemikiller is a disciple of this glorious era and has made extreme music in many forms since the late 80's. Ramrod's first extreme undertaking was a Motorhead & Venom inspired power trio called Defcon. The band only lasted a few months and recorded 1 demo and 1 live recording. But the seed that was planted took root and grew for almost 2 decades. After various projects over the years, Chemikiller remains. Chemikiller is making music today because it has to. Because the heavy, powerful music that was born in the 80's was corrupted in the 90's, when the music too often took second place to cheap Kiss-like makeup, unlistenable non-musicians using minimal lo-fi technology, cheap horror film schlock, and nauseating kiddy-Nazism. Ramrod's creation, Chemikiller resurrects the classic thrash sounds of the 80's. A time when Metal was pure and true. If you also long for the glory days, please listen to the music. Sure, there is some new 21st century technology, but the message is in the music again.

In 2006, RAMROD welcomes LOKI into the Chemikiller fold to continue making its own brand of Black Thrashing insanity.

Old School Thrash/Speed Metal

Satanic mixed with horror

United States of America (Newark, Delaware), formed in 1999

Autopsy Kitchen Records


Ramrod (Ryan Weiss) - Vocals, guitar, bass (Aerik Von Band, The Von Frankensteins, ex-Defcon, Ramrod Raperokk)
Loki - Bass (ex-Toxic Holocaust)

Joel Grind - Session drums (Toxic Holocaust, Hellvomit, Tiger Junkies, Abigail (Jpn) , Colon Rupture)
Lord Vic - Session bass (ex-Skiptoe, ex-Early Warning, ex-Wolfburg, Death Beast, ex-Black Moon Rising (US), Rampage (US))


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