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Mystery Of Illusion

Album: ''Mystery Of Illusion'' (1985)
1. Black Knight
2. When the Battle's Over
3. Mystery of Illusion
4. I've Seen Tomorrow
5. Endlessly
6. I Fear No Evil
7. Night of the Gods
8. We Shall Overcome
9. The Winds of Change

The 7th Of Never

Album: ''The 7th Of Never'' (1987)
1. We Must Carry On
2. Paradise
3. It's Too Late Yesterday
4. 827
5. The Wicked Are Restless
6. The 7th of Never
7. Take Me Back in Time
8. Feel His Magic
9. Foreveremore

The Voice Of The Cult

Album: ''The Voice Of The Cult'' (1988)
1. The Voice of the Cult
2. Live Hard
3. Chains of Love
4. Share Yourself with Me
5. Fortune Teller
6. Child of Evermore
7. Soldiers of the Flame
8. Evil for Evil
9. Take Me Home

Sick Society

Album: ''Sick Society'' (1995)
1. I Know the Darkness
2. Sick Society
3. Violence in Blame
4. Those Were the Daze
5. Destructive Ground
6. To the Edge
7. The Price of War
8. Every Emotion
9. The Vampire
10. Sugarcaine
11. Love and Hate
12. Angel Falls

In Dementia

Album: ''In Dementia'' (1997)
1. Human Sacrifice
2. Blackening
3. Seven
4. Sick Puppy
5. Tongue
6. In Dementia
7. House of Stone
8. Conformity
9. Desperatly

In an Outrage

Album: ''In an Outrage'' (2004)
1. In an Outrage
2. Malicious Pigs
3. Lucky to Be Alive
4. Souls the Sun
5. Bullet from a Gun
6. Women Are Wicked
7. Tortured Love
8. New Beginnings
9. Rule the World
10. Hamunaptra



David T. Chastain is an American guitarist, composer and record producer, and owner of Leviathan Records and Diginet Music.

Chastain is a neo-classical, heavy metal, progressive rock, fusion and blues-rock guitarist who emerged in the mid-'80s along with a wave of other neo-classical guitarists. He has released about 50 recordings under multiple names, including David T. Chastain (instrumental jazz-rock fusion style), CJSS, Georgia Blues Dawgs, The Cincinnati Improvisational Group, SPIKE, Zanister, Ruud Cooty and Southern Gentlemen (blues-rock) as well as a number of heavy metal releases under the band name Chastain, accompanied by female vocalist Leather Leone.

In more recent years, David has worked as a record producer at his own company, Leviathan Records. His label specializes in discovering and promoting new talents, specializing in neo-classical guitarists and bands. He also runs Diginet Music, a company specializing in rare, unreleased or out-of-print music.

Heavy Metal

United States of America (Cincinnati, Ohio), formed in 1984

Leviathan Records


Kate French - vocals (Vainglory)
David T. Chastain - guitar (Zanister, Spike, CJSS, ex-Michael Harris, Corbin King)
Dave Starr - bass (ex-Vicious Rumors, Lääz Rockit)
Larry Howe - drums (Vicious Rumors, Aaron Pearson)

Leather Leone - vocals (Rude Girl, Malibu Barbi)
Pat O'Brien - guitar (Monstrosity (US), Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Ceremony)
Mike Skimmerhorn - bass (Spike, ex-CJSS)
David Harbour - bass (King Diamond, ex-Equimanthorn (US), ex-Michael Harris, ex-Leather, ex-David T. Chastain)
Kevin Kekes - bass (Damien (US), Vainglory)
Fred Coury - drums (Cinderella)
Ken Mary - drums (Fifth Angel, ex-James Byrd, ex-Accept, Alice Cooper, ex-Impellitteri, ex-Strike (US), TKO, David T. Chastain, Randy Hansen, House of Lords, Soul Shock Remedy)
John Luke Hebert - drums (King Diamond)
Dennis Lesh - drums (Trouble (US), Stygian (US), Kenziner)


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