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Album: ''Chaoswave'' (2004 Demo)
1. Swept Away
2. From the Stare to the Storm
3. Mask and Mirror
4. Hate Create



Chaoswave was born in the summer 2003 thanks to the initiative of
Danish guitar player Henrik ‘Guf’ Rangstrup (also guitarist of Sinphonia), who a year before had moved to Italy for personal reasons.
His aim was to combine aggressive and powerful riffing with a more melodic structure, in the vein of bands such as Nevermore and Control Denied.

The musicians gathered in Chaoswave all come from different musical
backgrounds. As said, Guf is also the guitarist of the Danish band Sinphonia, with whom he has issued two records worldwide (Lucretia Records Intl.).

Bass player Marco Angioni is also a skilled guitarist and producer besides being the main man behind the progressive-rock act KTL.

Drummer Raphael Saini has amongst other been playing death metal in several bands for many years.

The two singers Fabio Carta and Giorgia Fadda have cultivated their talent in the shadows before joining Chaoswave.

Lyrically, the band is amongst other inspired by the psychology vs. the reality of the human being. Often the lyrics explore the interaction between the subconscious and the perceived world.

Musically, the band is a balance between aggressive guitars, bass, drums and atmospheric vocal lines. While the music is repeatedly made aggressive with the help of the guitars 7th string, the atmosphere is achieved through the shared vocal lines of Fabio and Giorgia. All along the bass and drums are working together to keep the music ‘in-your-face’.

The four-track demo simply entitled ‘Chaoswave’ was the first release of the band. It was released in November 2004, distributed in around 1500 copies, and gained a long series of good reviews.

The band issued its debut CD "The White Noise Within" in 2006 via the dutch label DVS Records. The debut was very well received by the press, and allowed the band to play several concerts across Europe, among which the ProgPower Europe 2006 and the Winternachtstraum festival, in 2007.

Chaoswave has recently completed a four-song promotional CD, "Fork Tongues and Foul Times", which is currently being shipped to record labels. The CD was mixed by renowned Danish producer Jacob Hansen (MASTODON, DESTRUCTION, MERCENARY) and contains four songs to be included on CHAOSWAVE's sophomore album.

Progressive/Groovy Metal

Human beings

Italy (Cagliari), formed in 2003

DVS Records


Giorgia Fadda - Vocals
Fabio Carta - Vocals
Henrik Guf Rangstrup - Guitars (Sinphonia, ex-Blu Infinito)
Marco Angioni - Bass (ex-Motivi Per Litigare, KTL)
Raphael Saini - Drums (Machescazo, Blu Infinito, Misbelieving, ex-Abiura, ex-Mutilated Soul (studio guest))


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