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Album: ''Scrape My Lungs'' (1994 Demo)
1. Scrape My Lungs
2. Pollution
3. Cannibal Cops
4. Father Pederast
5. The Harvest

Fortuitous Oddity

Album: ''Fortuitous Oddity'' (1996 Demo)
1. Analytical
2. Chelsea
3. Waiting For the Millennium
4. Withered
5. Hybrid
6. Kill For Weed

Album: ''Promo 1997'' (1997 Demo)
1. Waiting For the Millennium
2. Extreme of Paranoia

Conforming to Abnormality

Album: ''Conforming to Abnormality'' (1998)
1. Anechoic Chamber
2. Jihad
3. Analytical
4. Wither
5. Regalos De Mota
6. Extreme of Paranoia
7. A.Z.T.
8. Waiting For the Millennium

Exploiting Dysfunction

Album: ''Exploiting Dysfunction'' (2000)
1. Hybrid
2. Driven to Insanity
3. Rehab
4. Observer to the Obliteration of Planet Earth
5. On Six
6. Gracias
7. Cryptosporidium
8. The Ballad of Moon
9. 9 Feet of Smoke
10. Warm Hand On A Cold Night (A Tale of Onesomes)
11. Invertus Indica (The Marijuana Convictions)
12. Molestandos Plantas Muertos!
13. Eradicate Authority
14. Paralyzed by Fear
15. Exploiting Dysfunction

Lucid Interval

Album: ''Lucid Interval'' (2002)
1. Scolopendra Cingulata
2. Fortuitous Oddity
3. Anthro Emesis
4. The Isle of California
5. Pseudo
6. Friend of Mine
7. Rebellion
8. Zuno Gyakusatsu
9. Black Metal Sabbath
10. Cannabism
11. Lucid Interval
12. Misguided
13. Redundant
14. Arsonist Savior

Perversion...and the Guilt After / Version 5 Obese

Album: ''Perversion...and the Guilt After / Version 5 Obese'' (2002 Split)
1. Live at Your Mom's House
2. Strung Out
3. Exhumed Remains
4. Britches
5. The Struggle
6. Trailor Park Meth Queen
7. Phantom Pharter
8. Strung Out on Viagra
9. Perversion and the Guilt After
10. Stepped in Cow Shit Blues
11. Father Pederast
12. [untitled]
13. [untitled]
14. Once More Without Feeling
15. [untitled]
16. Shut Up
17. Novacaine (Re-Installing Teeth)
18. Shrup Po' Boy
19. Celebrate
20. Occular Penile Recepticle
21. 17 Minutes of Your Time...
22. I Only Hit You Because Your Pretty When You Cry
23. Internet Cunt
24. 5.0Bese
25. Clottage Cheese
26. Red Mist Rising
27. Smells Like Phish... Tastes Like Chicken
28. Beer Bong Enema
29. High on Cunt Blood
30. Bloody Fucking Mess
31. Disease Ridden Hole
32. Inevitability of Rape
33. [untitled]


Album: ''Anomalies'' (2005)
1. Scientific Remote Viewing
2. Wraith
3. Counting the Days
4. The Will or the Way
5. Piecemaker
6. Enviovore
7. Dying Will Be the Death of Me
8. Inside Is Out
9. Sleeprace
10. Kill for Weed
11. Litany of Failure
12. Ontogeny of Behavior


Album: ''Xenosapien'' (2007)
1. Endless Cycle of Violence
2. Divination and Violation
3. Molting
4. Touched by an Angel
5. Vaporized
6. Heptarchy (In the U.K.)
7. G.lobal O.verhaul D.evice
8. Let Them Hate So Long as They Fear
9. The Omega Point
10. Megacosm of the Aquaphobics
11. Ov Vicissitude
12. [hidden track]

cephalic carnage


Cephalic Carnage is a musical group formed in Denver, Colorado in 1992. Cephalic Carnage coined their own term for their music, Rocky Mountain HydroGrind. They blend jazz, experimental music, death metal, doom metal, sludge and grindcore into their own unique sound. They have developed a reputation as a very intense live band and tour regularly throughout the United States and Europe. Their first European show took place in Germany in summer of 2003 and their first European tour followed in October of 2003 at the Fuck the Commerce festival. They are currently signed to Relapse Records and have released four albums on Relapse to date. They have also released one album on another label for a total of five albums. They are currently on the US Summer Slaughter tour. They will also tour Australia before the year is out, supporting The Black Dahlia Murder.

Technical Grind / Death Metal

Misanthropy, Weed, Violence, Mental Disorders

United States of America (Denver, Colorado), formed in 1992

Relapse Records


Lenzig Leal - Vocals
John Merryman - Drums
Nick Schendzielos - Bass (AinMatter)
Zac Joe - Guitars (Adnauseam)
Steve Goldberg - Guitars (Adnauseam, Molester)

Alex Marquez - Drums (NOT the Alex Marquez of Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Solstice (US), Resurrection (US), Hellwitch, Anger)
Dirk Trujillo - bass (ex-Lecherous Nocturne)
Doug Williams - Bass (ex-Origin (US))
Jawsh Mullen - Vocals, Bass


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