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Dark Waters Rise

Album: ''Dark Waters Rise'' (1998 Demo)
1. Dominus Infernus Vobiscum
2. Sanctum to the Ungods
3. Shroud of Mysticism
4. Over Mountains of Ancient Power
5. Omens of Elder Creation

Sign of Chaos

Album: ''Sign of Chaos'' (2000)
1. Upon Winged Elemental Crests
2. Dimensional Manifestation of Ashen Forms
3. Through the Ethereal Vortex of Archaic Life
4. The Ravaged Crimson Fields of Evanescence
5. Phantoms of the Fallen Ruins of Kia
6. Spaces Between the Realms of Existence
7. Gates to the Spheres of Astral Frost
8. Unto the Darkly Shining Abyss

Eclipsing The Dawn

Album: ''Eclipsing The Dawn'' (2004)
1. Of Grievance and Exhumation... (The Fallen)
2. Espousing the Lore of Ancient Mythos
3. Discerning thee Apocryphal Divinity
4. Invocate the Tempests to Castigation
5. Squalid Eyes of the Impending Treachery
6. The Ghosts of Reprisal and Strife
7. Dragons upon the Mountains of Mashu
8. The Sundering of Eternal Sentience

Cephalectomy/Bound in Human Flesh Split

Album: ''Cephalectomy/Bound in Human Flesh Split'' (2005 Split)
1. The Spectre, the Madman and the Undying Corpse
2. Resurrection Injection
3. Dellamorte, Dellamore
4. Sanity's Final Requiem
5. Chainsaw Homicide
6. Zombie Children
7. Cold Dark Hate
8. Souldead



Originally formed under a different name during the mid 1990's, Cephalectomy went through several line up and style changes before finally coming together in 1998 as a solid project. Drawing from a variety of extreme styles, including death metal, black metal and grind, the band released their first demo, entitled "Gateway to the Gods",in 1997. At this time, the band's line up consisted of vocalist/guitarist Corey Andrews, bassist Jason Nichols, and drummer Clayton Horne. Horne was soon afterward removed from Cephalectomy due to lack of interest and evil spirit, but the "Gateway" demo generated enough interested to motivate the band to carry on. After a fairly unsuccessful attempt to add former Spur drummer Chad Mitchell into the mix, they finally decided on becoming a 2 man project and in 1998 self produced their second demo, "Dark Waters Rise". Dark Waters Rise, although suffering from weak production, turned out to be a vast improvement over the previous demo, and met with a fair amount of enthusiasm from listeners. Injected with mystical/Lovecraft inspired themes, Cephalectomy's unique style, eventually referred to by some as "Mystigrind" - resulted in their signing to Discorporate Music in 1999. On Sign of Chaos, Cephalectomy's first full length recording, the band continued onward in their pursuit of chaos, brutality and necronomic melody. After 4 years, Cephalectomy released their sophomore album "Eclipsing The Dawn", which proved to be above anything the band has produced to date gaining them a bigger audience. After that a split cd with the band "Bound In Human Flesh" came to follow as a fun project showing Cephalectomy can still grind with the best of them.

Brutal Death Metal / Grind

Lovecraft, Fantasy, Satanic, Literature, Horror

Canada (Truro, Nova Scotia), formed in 1997

Discorporate Music


Corey Andrews - Guitar and Vocals
Jason Nichols - Vocals
Scott Armstrong - Bass (Dichotic (Can), Entrafis)

Raland Kinley - Guest Vocals (Dichotic (Can))
Clayton Horne - Drums
Chad Mitchel - Drums (ex-Spur, ex-Collapse (Can))
Rob DeCoste - Guitar
Chris Robertson - Drums (Fleshrott, Gorged)
Mike Mahar - Bass


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