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Fourteen Words

Album: ''Fourteen Words'' (1994)
1. The Planet Is Ours
2. Count The Dead
3. One Day
4. Fourteen Words
5. White Is My Heart
6. Centurion
7. Retribution
8. The Parting (Sweet Sorrow)
9. Hear My Cry
10. Grandfather's Tale
11. Heed The Call


There appear to be at least 6 bands with the name Centurion.

>A brutal death metal band from Płock Poland in veins of Witchmaster, Anima Damnata, Throneum, who released an album called "Conquer & Rule" in 2002.

>A band from brighton UK; Either something menacing is creeping through the water in Brighton, England, or the city best known as a colourful seaside haven has finally decided to bare its dark underbelly and gloriously sharp teeth.

Recently the city’s rapidly rising and increasingly respected metal scene has spawned the likes of Johnny Truant and Architects, but now the hour has come for Brighton’s newest sons to stand tall. Planet Earth: meet Centurion.

Though only a year young, Centurion have made quite a mark on their home turf and beyond, swinging their hefty, death plated punch at the heads of grateful punters nationwide at shows alongside their aforementioned townsmen, as well as the likes of Horse The Band, Ephel Duath and Every Time I Die. Centurion also recently toured the UK as main support to acclaimed British crew Bring Me The Horizon, and were flown over to Sweden to play at the 2006 Treasurefest alongside the likes of Purified In Blood and Jeniferever.

Centurion offer up a thick stew of hyper-aggressive riffing and mammoth grooves, splicing the mix with flashes of accomplished technicality and vehement vocal bile, yet the quintet manage to retain an irresistible mood of energy and, dare it be said, fun in their live performance.

With press plaudits already flowing and a solid fanbase built, Centurion are now ready to raise their game, their recently completed debut E.P ‘One Hundred’ an unrelenting metallic drama that swings between ferocious and epic with a masterful ease. ‘One Hundred’ caught the attention of respected UK label In At The Deep End (Gallows, Architects, Send More Paramedics), and the label will be unleashing the E.P in early 2007. Centurion will also hit the road again in January as support to Japanese metalcore crew Versus The Night, and will also be opening for hometown compadres Architects and Canadian newcomers The Gorgeous on selected dates of their UK trek.

The time has come to welcome Centurion with open arms.

>A pro-white skinhead band from Wisconsin, USA who released 2 albums (14 Words & Rides again) in the 1990's.

>A different metal band from Kalisz, Poland who released some demos in the early-mid 1990's.

>A heavy metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, USA who appeared on a few compiloation albums in the 1980's.

>A heavy metal band from Valencia, Venezuela, who formed in 1989 and have released 5 albums over the past decade.

there are other bands with the name centurion such as a folk rock band a hardcore one and a folk death metal band.


Ethnic Cleansing, White Power

United States of America (Wisconsin), formed in 1990

Rock Tool


Arno IV - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Johnny Grunge - Guitar, Vocals
Tim - Bass
Dan Armstrong (Witches Hammer) - Drums, Guitar, Vocals


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