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Incarnation of Morbidity

Album: ''Incarnation of Morbidity'' (1991 Demo)
1. Intro
2. The Funeral (Eternal Rest)
3. Beyond the Grave

An Evil Shade Of Grey

Album: ''An Evil Shade Of Grey'' (1992)
1. Dead Red
2. Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream
3. Dark Illusions
4. An Evil Shade Of Grey
5. Sidereal Passing
6. Scars
7. Nightmare Lake
8. Souldrain

Godless Beauty

Album: ''Godless Beauty'' (1993)
1. Now She Walks the Shadows
2. The Serpent's Kiss
3. And Julie is No More
4. By My Own Hand
5. Chain
6. Adrift in Scarlet Twilight
7. In Black
8. Sunrise (Never Again)
9. Where the Fire Forever Burns

Black Vanity

Album: ''Black Vanity'' (1994)
1. Bitter Seed
2. Ebony Rain
3. Hunger of the Innocent
4. Scarecrow
5. Black Flowers of Passion
6. Last Departure / Serpentine Parade
7. Sweet Tragedy
8. Pale Autumn Fire
9. Out in Sand
10. Rosemary Taste the Sky


Album: ''Sundown'' (1996)
1. Elysia
2. Closer to the Pain
3. Last Transmission
4. Sundown
5. Ophidian
6. Primal
7. New Dawn Coming
8. The Embrace
9. Morningstar
10. The Wake

Last Confessions

Album: ''Last Confessions'' (1997)
1. Forever
2. Caress the Damned
3. So Sad Your Sorrow
4. 1213 - Trancegalactica
5. Twin Reactor
6. Field of Fire
7. One Burning Night
8. Carbon Heart


Album: ''Phantasma'' (2005)
1. Far From God
2. Plasma Phantasma
3. Basic Black
4. Down Cold
5. Coma Burn
6. 2nd Last To Nowhere
7. Wavecell
8. Drowning Out The World
9. Tapes Of Their Voices



It began in 1989, when a few young men in the country known as Sverige to those who live there, decided to express their anger and despair through music. A few years later, they signed a contract with Black Mark Production and started recording their debut album, An Evil Shade of Grey , which was released in 1992. Four more albums were to follow before the singer and songwriter Mathias Lodmalm felt that the time was ripe for something new. Cemetary was buried in 1997 with Last Confessions . A lot of people have been a part of Cemetary throughout the years. From the original setting on An Evil Shade of Grey, with Mathias Lodmalm, Juha Sievers , Zrinko Culjak and Christian Saarinen , through a change of guitarists when Anton Hedberg replaced Saarinen, only Lodmalm remained when the third album, Black Vanity , was released. The new members were Markus Nordberg , Tomas Josefsson and Anders Iwers . Among the numerous additional musicians on the album, Christian Silver could be found.
As the first aspect of Cemetary went to its grave, Sundown rose from the ashes, when Mathias Lodmalm teamed up with bass-player Johnny Hagel . Hagel had played in Tiamat , another well known Swedish band. Together with drummer Christian Silver , another member of Cemetary, they started to create what was going to be Design 19 , their debut album. The 19 tour followed the album, and Andreas Johansson was recruited to play the guitar. The second release from Sundown (not counting the digi-pack version of Design 19) was Glimmer . Before this album had reached the market in 1999, some major changes had been made within the band. Most evident was the departure of Hagel, who left to later form Lithium . Andreas Karlsson took the role of playing the bass, and Herman Engström replaced Andreas Johansson on guitar. Glimmer was produced, mixed and engineered by Lodmalm and Silver, and all music and lyrics was written by Lodmalm. Not long after the release of Glimmer, the band felt that Century Media was probably not the best label to promote the music they produced. The musical direction was moving further away from metal, which is the trade mark for the label. The decision to disband Sundown was made and Lodmalm reformed Cemetary under the name of Cemetary 1213 together with Christian Silver and Herman Engström.
Cemetary 1213
The name, Cemetary 1213 , was in reference to the song 1213 - Trancegalactica that can be found on Last Confessions, and used to emphasise the fact that this was not the old Cemetary reunited, but something new and fresh. Staying with the label of Sundown, Century Media , the new album and debut of Cemetary 1213, The Beast Divine , was released in spring 2000. Apart from Silver on drums and Lodmalm on vocals and guitar, Cemetary 1213 consisted of Manne Engström on vocals and guitar and Vesa K on bass. Once again, the band felt neglected by Century Media, and was very unhappy with the weak promotional efforts for the new album. Therefore, in autumn 2000, Cemetary 1213 decided to leave the label, and decline any new offer that was made from other labels. Lodmalm decided to concentrate on other projects for some time.
After the split between Cemetary 1213 and their label, Mathias Lodmalm decided to take a break from heavy metal music making and move further into the electronic field. Sp3(tra was one result of this decision; no guitars, no live drums, no growling death metal vocals. What's left is a heavy beat, a whispering song and a catchy tune... A promo was released in 2001 and shortly after that the name was changed to Spektra.
In 2001, the work on a new Cemetary album began. This work was concluded four years later, in the beginning of 2005, when Phantasma was released.

- From the official site.

Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)

Sweden (Borås), formed in 1989

Black Mark Production


Anders Iwers - Guitar (Desecrator (Swe), Ceremonial Oath, Tiamat, ex-In Flames, Mercury Tide)
Tomas Josefsson - Bass (Soul Source, Forsaken Grief, Evocation (Swe))
Mathias Lodmalm - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (Sundown, Cemetary 1213)
Markus Nordberg - Drums (Desecrator (Swe), Ceremonial Oath)

Zriuko Culjak - Bass (1989 - 1993)
Juha Sievers - Drums (1989 - 1993)
Morgan Gredåker - Drums (1989) (ex-Beseech)
Christian Saarinen - Guitar (1989 - 1992) (Evocation (Swe), Lake of Tears)
Anton Hedberg - Guitar (1992 -1993)


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