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Invasion Of Suicidal Angels

Album: ''Invasion Of Suicidal Angels'' (2001 Demo)
1. Under the Black Sun
2. Trapped in the Dark
3. Your Touch
4. Nocturnal Insanity
5. Holy Waters
6. Embittered With Grief
7. A Wish

The Embraced

Album: ''The Embraced'' (2002)
1. With the Autumn Winds
2. Dreams Of Elizabeth
3. The Embraced
4. Your Touch
5. Nocturnal Insanity
6. Dark Dance
7. From Dance to Fall
8. Return to the Haunted Shores
9. Epitaph in Two Parts

A Veiled Empire

Album: ''A Veiled Empire'' (2005)
1. Veil Of Eternity
2. Sacrifice In Red
3. Eclipsed My Hope
4. Deep Within
5. Night By The Silent Waters
6. Stone Heart
7. For The End Of The Days
8. For One Love
9. So Let Thy Will Shalt Be
10. New Aeon
11. Into Eternity
12. Consecration
13. A Sea

...Suicidal Angels

Album: ''...Suicidal Angels'' (2006)
1. Under The Black Sun
2. Trapped in The Dark
3. Holy Waters
4. Embittered With Grief
5. A Wish
6. Supreme Domination (Bonus Track)
7. Two For Tragedy (Nightwish cover)
8. Return To The Haunted Shores (Bonus Track)

celestial crown


In the beginning of autumn, 1999, CELESTIAL CROWN was born. The band originates from Estonia, the town of Tartu. Denis came up with the consept, because for a long time he had had an obsession to participate in a metal band as a vocalist. Together he and his university friend Aleksander (a.k.a. Shel) decided to form a band. In 1996, they had been in another band that broke up because of creative misunderstandings. So, in 1999 they started CELESTIAL CROWN. Denis became a vocalist and lyrics writer, Shel a music composer. In October 1999 they finished a demo "Invasion Of Suicidal Angels" recorded at Denis' home studio, but the conditions there were far from perfect – they couldn't record vocals there, neither good guitar sounds, so they decided to go to a more professional studio. In the spring of 2000 Sergei joined CELESTIAL CROWN on lead guitar; Diana followed soon as a female vocalist. The band started practicing and were soon ready for a concert and a studio recording. On October 28, 2000, CELESTIAL CROWN did a concert in a garage for their friends for free, just to see how it would be... It was great, and finally, in December 2000, they started recording "Invasion..." in a studio, which they finished in June of 2001. The year 2002 brought new strength to Celestial Crown. Their debut album "The Embraced" was realesed by Doom Records!!! But not everything went that well all the time. In March of the same year Doom Records announced their bankruptcy and were closed down. So Celestial Crown lost their label, but the guys did not give up and started working on new material. All of it was again recorded in Denis’ home-based studio, but used only for samples, not as a professional recording. During the period from July 2003 to April 2004, Celestial Crown recorded a new album, which has released by Divenia Music in 4th July 2005.
Suicidal Angels has its worldwide release on 13th March 2006! 3 bonus tracks are added in CD.
They are recorded in September 2005 in Celestial Crown's Studio.
Mastered by DeVol and The Serpent in November 2005.
There is no end, so time will tell what will be… Anyway, the story continues!

Band Members:

Sergei Vlassov(01.05.1980) - lead guitar
Denis Volynkin(11.10.1977) - vocals,programming
Aleksander Shelepenkin(26.04.1977) - rhythm guitar,keyboards,drums
Diana Volkova(21.07.1982) - female vocals
Arnold Looga(06.03.1974) - bass guitar

Gothic / Doom / Black Metal

Love, Occultism, Death, Pain

Estonia (Tartu), formed in 1999

Divenia Records


DeVol - Vocals, Programming
The Serpent - Lead guitar, Bass Guitar
Shel - Rhythm guitar, Keyboards, Drums
Meelis - Drums
Diana - Female vocals (Ecthalion)

Arno Looga - Bass (Fordonia, Raud-Ants)


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