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Album: ''Phobophilia'' (1997)
1. Burial (Dreaming)
2. The Breed
3. D.Y.S
4. My Sword & My Life
5. DeathStalker
6. The Burial
7. The Hereafter
8. Judgment Day
9. Demons of the Night
10. Moonbeam Kiss
11. Potters Hill (Burial3)

This Haunted Lullaby

Album: ''This Haunted Lullaby'' (2000)
1. Play Time in Tartarus
2. Here
3. Rapid Eye Movement
4. Children of the Dead
5. Living Hell
6. Stolen
7. Mortal Whispers
8. Sheep in Wolves Clothing
9. One Bad Day
10. This Haunted Lullaby

The Hidden

Album: ''The Hidden'' (2003 Single)
1. The Hidden
2. Scare-crow
3. Faces
4. The Breed(Bonus from Phobopilia97)
5. Here(Bonus from ThisHauntedLullaby00)
6. Judgment Day(Bonus from Phobopilia97)
7. Mortal Whispers(Bonus from ThisHauntedLullaby00)


Album: ''Faces'' (2004)
1. Faces
2. The Piper
3. The Hidden
4. Sweetest Sin
5. Scarecrow
6. Amy
7. Stained Hands
8. Best Laid Plans
9. The Burial
10. Judgment Day



Schizophrenic theatrical Goth rock metal band CATWITCH, "are a live theatrical act not to be missed" (Loudmouth magazine).

In a state of mind half way between nightmare and reality, Darkness lay silent, shapeless, for it needed a new form. A form that was powerful and of pure blood, something to spread its word, something to bring mayhem to where before there was order and breed a new kind of insanity. Mother Darkness gathered up her dying embers and with these ashes she forged one purpose, split within a force of six and with a single icy breath she breathed, not life but something in-between that and death, CATWITCH was born.

Together they spawned a unique fusion of gothic melodies and thundering rhythms that would shake the pillars of Heaven, destined to alter the perception of musical Entertainment forever. Like a vicious storm CATWITCH rain down thrilling crowds with their "brutish songs and powerfully visual stage show"(Loudmouth)

"Onstage CATWITCH are well noted for their hellish theatrical visions and raw atmospheric power"(Massive magazine). "The most entertaining show seen on the live circuit in a long time"(Loudmouth).

"To see CATWITCH perform is to see a band that goes to no end of effort to put on an awesome stage show"(Beat magazine).

With influences including the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Sepultura, Alice Cooper and My Dying Bride, CATWITCH are able to retain a distinct sound and style, which makes them stand out from the rest of the Goth/metal scene.

"Criss-crossing Marilyn Manson and Metallica territory, CATWITCH provide a furious gothic metal vision"(Massive).

"The flow of music flooding your ears, is like the nourishment a baby would get from the blood in the womb"(Rabelias).

CATWITCH have been included on three of the 'Metal Warriors' Videos produced by Samson Productions, with video clips for their songs 'Demons of the Night' and 'Judgment Day' (both taken from the 1997 release Phobophilia). These clips have also been televised on 'Rage' (ABC TV) and 'Asylum' (Ch 31).

The attention CATWITCH aroused also led to the filming of a documentary produced by December Films and Film Victoria. Centering on the band, the film 'Hear No Evil', which screened nationally on SBS TV January 1998, gained CATWITCH mainstream publicity and was reviewed in some of Australia's leading magazines and newspapers like The Age, The Herald Sun, Who Weekly and TV Week. "Take Pyogenesis, add a little My Dying Bride and mix the lot with Metallica and the result will be worth your taste."( CATWITCH "deliver a musical statement worthy of enticing the demented listener to the show"(Beat).B> At present the CATWITCH discography includes three self released albums, 'Phobophilia' (1997), 'This Haunted Lullaby' (2000)and 'Faces' (2004), as well as the EP titled 'The Hidden' (2003). CATWITCH Recently returned to the recording studio to remix 'Faces' for re-release later this year and to begin work on their fourth, as yet untitled album. "Whether you want million miles an hour guitar and thrashing drums, or a haunting gothic mystery, CATWITCH provide it."(Loudmouth magazine).

Gothic/Power Metal

Death, Suicide, Sanity, Love

Australia (Melbourne, Victoria), formed in 1992



Kieran O'Reilly - Vocals
Riley Strong - Guitar
Robert Charlton - Bass (1996-) (originally drums)
Glenn James - Drums
Kent Ross - Keyboards
Lawrence Rhodes - Guitar

Paul Tipping - Bass, vocals (ex-The Eternal (Aus))
Aaron Salt - Guitar
Hanny Mohammed - Guitar (Black Majesty (Aus)), ex-Pegazus)
Josef Stanley - Guitar
Quaagar X - Bass
Rudi Paoletti - Keyboards
Kirk - Rhythm Guitars (ex-Uncaged)
Mike Forsberg - Drums (ex-Mortification (Aus), ex-Cybergrind, ex-Dimentia (Aus))
Helen Sabo - Drums (-1996)


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