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Album: ''Demo '95'' (1995 Demo)
1. Legacy
2. Child of Sunsets
3. Pimeä yö

Album: ''Winds'' (1996 Demo)
1. Land of the Autumn Winds
2. Awake in Darkness
3. Into Infernal
4. The River Winds

Halls of Frozen North

Album: ''Halls of Frozen North'' (1998)
1. Dreams of Winterland
2. Into Infernal
3. Freezing Winds of North
4. Enchanting Woods
5. Halls of Frozen North
6. Forest Enthroned
7. Awake in Dark
8. Song of the Nightbird
9. Icy Tears of Eternity
10. Burning Aura
11. Child of Sunset
12. Land of the Autumn Winds
13. Pimeä yö
14. Outro

Morning Crimson

Album: ''Morning Crimson'' (1999)
1. Aurora Borealis
2. Talviyön varjot
3. ...and Winter Descends
4. In Blood They Lay
5. Beauty Embraced by the Night
6. Passing Moment of Twilight Time
7. Cast the Stars Beyond
8. Morning Crimson
9. The Forests of Tomorrow
10. Towards the Winds of Winter (Shores of Sendar)
11. When the Frost Took the Lakes
12. Shadeweaver's Season
13. Winternacht

Shape Edition

Album: ''Shape Edition'' (1999 EP)
1. Winternacht
2. Talviyön varjot
3. Dreams of Winterland
4. Aurora Borealis
5. Into Infernal
6. Freezing Winds of North

Eternal Winter´s Prophecy

Album: ''Eternal Winter´s Prophecy'' (2000)
1. Gates of Anubis
2. Soror Mystica
3. Blackmension
4. Kingdom of Legions
5. Half Moons, Half Centuries
6. Forever Night
7. Dawn of the Chosen World
8. Eternal Winter's Prophecy
9. In the Void
10. The Darkening Sun
11. In the Capricorn's Cradle
12. Outro


Album: ''Eskhata'' (2002)
1. Storm
2. Rain of Blood
3. Flames
4. Vortex
5. Coexistence Circle
6. Landscape
7. Karma
8. Astral Tears
9. Time in My Hands
10. Beyond the Starlight
11. Eskhata

Chaos Born

Album: ''Chaos Born'' (2003)
1. Kuolon tanssi
2. Calm Before the Storm
3. The Fallen Angel, Part 1 (Astaroth & Astarte)
4. The Fear's Shadow
5. Mirrorized Thoughts
6. Lost in Bitterness
7. The Era
8. The Fallen Angel, Part 2 (The Rising)
9. One With Sorrow
10. Hollow Out – ChaosBorn

Winternight Tragedies

Album: ''Winternight Tragedies'' (2005)
1. The Heart of Darkness
2. Verikansa
3. Strength and Honor
4. The Crystal Stream
5. Kaamos Warrior
6. My Blood Stained Path
7. Perint, pohjolan
8. Iced Over
9. The Ancient
10. Fuel for Hatred (Satyricon cover)

Location: COLD

Album: ''Location: COLD'' (2006)
1. Tribe of Eternity
2. Gallery of Fear
3. Coldbound
4. Tuhat vuotta
5. Closed Gates of Hope
6. Zero Gravity
7. Location: COLD
8. The Day When the Sun Faded Away
9. Expect No Mercy
10. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover)

Bringing The Cold To Poland DVD

Album: ''Bringing The Cold To Poland DVD'' (2006 DVD)
1. Morning Crimson
2. Lost in Bitterness
3. Tuhat vuotta
4. My Blood Stained Path
5. Coldbound
6. Fuel for Hatred (Satyricon cover)
7. Verikansa
8. Closed Gates of Hope
9. The Day When the Sun Faded Away
10. Eskhata
11. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover)
12. Location: COLD



Catamenia is a Melodic Black Metal band founded in 1995 in Oulu, Finland. Clearly influenced by viking and folk metal, their style is simple, catchy and with a great epic feel. Their masterful mixture of memorable melodies with extreme agression is almost unique in the genre.


-Halls Of Frozen North (1998)
-Morning Crimson (1999)
-Eternal Winters Prophecy(2000)
-Eskhata (2002)
-Chaos Born (2003)
-Winternight Tragedies (2005)
-Location: COLD (2006)

Catamenia are:

Riku Hopeakoski - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ari Nissilä - Rythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Olli Mustonen - Vocals
Kari Vähäkuopus - Clean Vocals
Veikko Jumisko - Drums
Toni Kansanoja - Bass, Backing Vocals

Melodic Black Metal

Darkness, Nature, Occult, Winter

Finland (Oulu), formed in 1995

Massacre Records


Riku Hopeakoski - Lead Guitars
Toni Kansanoja - Bass (Black Swan (Fin), ex-Burning Point)
Kari Vähäkuopus - Clean Vocals
Olli-Jukka Mustonen - Vocals (Dorotha, ex-Wrathage)
Mikko Nevanlahti - Drums (ex-Wasara, ex-Thousand Years)
Ari Nissilä - Guitars

Toni Tervo
Kimmo "Sir" Luttinen (1999-2001) (ex-Beherit, ex-The Black League, ex-Impaled Nazarene, ex-Isänmaa, ex-Legenda, ex-Plan E, ex-Terveet Kädet)
Juho Raappana (Impish, ex-Mythos)
Janne Kusmin (2001-2002) (Kalmah, Mental Voice, Wrathage)
Veikko Jumisko (Dorotha)

Timo Lehtinen (1995-2003) (End of You, ex-Impish, Kalmah, ex-Mythos)
Mikko Hepo-oja

Sampo Ukkola

Heidi Riihinen (1995-2002) (ex-Dolorian)
Tero Nevala (2002-2006) (ex-Blodsoffer, Dead Man's Grip, Dorotha, National Napalm Syndicate, ex-Wrathage)

Mika Tönning (ex-Dawn of Relic, Solacide)


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