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Fluffy Teddy Bears

Album: ''Fluffy Teddy Bears'' (2003 Demo)
1. Caffeine Induced Insomnia
2. Crap One
3. Fluffy Teddy Bears

Pressure Pleasure

Album: ''Pressure Pleasure'' (2005 EP)
1. Lactose Intolerance
2. Pressure Pleasure
3. Submission
4. The Green Solution
5. Caffeine Induced Insomnia (Live @ Stonehenge 2004)
6. Fluffy Little Teddybears (Live @ Stonehenge 2004)

carnal leftovers


Carnal Leftovers is a band that was formed in Zwolle, the Metal heart of the province of Overijssel. The band came into existence in June 2001, has performed live a considerable amount of times since then and is backed by an ever-growing fan base.

The music Carnal Leftovers produces is difficult to describe. They combine the best of the older Death Metal (like Boltthrower, Entombed, Suffocation) with more recent and faster Death Metal (like Aborted and Dying Fetus). Stunning technical feats are carried by extremely slow-paced drums, only to be pulverized by utterly destructive blastbeats. All of this is accompanied by a gruesome, gruelling grunt. With their vision, they have created their own non-compromising mix of oldskool Death and Grind, sounding simple and being catchy like the plague. With their music, they have crushed many a stage.

The goal of this band is literally ‘putting the fun back in funeral’. This means that they think there are too many bands out there that take ‘being evil and true’ way too seriously. The time for a breath of fresh air has come. Insane, murderous teddy bears, being tortured with dairy products, insomnia induced by too much caffeine: just a few examples of issues that most people dare not speak of, but are shamelessly pulled out from under the rug by Carnal Leftovers.

In the four years Carnal Leftovers have been around, they have amassed quite an impressive number of gigs. They have shared the stage with the likes of Inhume, God Dethroned, Putrefied, Pungent Stench, Katafalk, Holy Moses, Occult, Callennish Circle and many, many more. They have built up quite a reputation during their more than 50 live performances. The band has appeared on many festivals, such as the Braindead Fest, the Hydrargyrum Fest, The Metal Underground Fest, The GMC Fest and the 10 anniversary of the Stonehenge Fest. The press spoke well of the band’s enthusiastic and energetic performance. One of the gigs we will be looking forward to this summer is the Occultfest in Hoogeveen on the 3rd of September.

In February 2003, the demo entitled ‘Fluffy Little Teddybears’ was recorded. This demo was met with praise by its reviewers. In 2004, T-shirts were added to the merchandise, much to the joy of our fans.
In July 2005, the five Carnal members have recorded the miniCD ‘Pressure Plesasure’ at the studios of ‘het Zwols Popront’. This is their second release with, on it, their latest destructive material, accompanied by some live-tracks from the Stonehenge Festival gig. Backed by Crash Landing Records, who will release and distribute this miniCD, it will undoubtedly live up to all the high expectations!


Death Metal

gore/comedy, absurdism, every-day nuissances

Netherlands (Zwolle), formed in 2000

Crash Landing Records


Michel Matteman - Vocals
Wilfred Heerspink - Guitars (Morte Aeterna, Skinnot)
Micha Kieftenbelt - Drums (Etherial Winds)
Jeroen De Klerk - Guitars
Mathieu Nijboer - Bass


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