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Album: ''Who's Gonna Burn'' (1998)
1. Who's Gonna Burn
2. Sweet Bride
3. Twisted
4. Godzilla Is Coming Thru
5. The Other Side
6. Part Animal... Part Machine
7. Born To Hate
8. Evilizer
9. Maggotman
10. Confuzzed


Album: ''Firedemon'' (2000)
1. Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me
2. Covered With Fire (I'm Hell)
3. I Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)
4. Chained
5. Defacer
6. Pull The Trigger
7. Uncontrollable
8. Firedemon
9. Cure Of Blasphemy
10. Headfucker
11. The Torture Will Never Stop
12. A Revel In Violence

Please... Die!

Album: ''Please... Die!'' (2001)
1. Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged
2. Hand of Doom
3. Fuel For Fire
4. Totalitarian Torture
5. Everything Dies
6. Slaves
7. Welcome To Your Funeral
8. Please... Die! (Aren't You Dead Yet?)
9. Becoming Dust
10. No Resurrection
11. A World All Soaked In Blood
12. A Higher Level of Pain

The More You Suffer

Album: ''The More You Suffer'' (2003)
1. H.B.F. Suicide
2. Deathblow
3. Ripped & Torn
4. Destroy Life
5. Cursed
6. Divine Killing Breed Machine
7. Deep Rivers of Blood
8. Breaking Boundaries
9. Into Oblivion
10. My Bloody Rampage
11. Baptized in Fire
12. Let Me Bleed


Album: ''Deathblow'' (2003 Single)
1. Deathblow


Album: ''Aren't You Dead Yet?'' (2004)
1. Decades of Despair
2. My Suicide
3. Burn Them Alive
4. Waiting For Sundown
5. Exploding Veins
6. Sacred Flame
7. Inhuman
8. The Final Hour
9. Totally Worthless
10. The Strength of Misery
11. Ruler of Your Blood (Japan Bonus)

Destroy Live

Album: ''Destroy Live'' (2004 DVD)
1. Destroy Life
2. I Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)
3. Hand Of Doom
4. Ripped & Torn
5. Who's Gonna Burn
6. Baptized In Fire
7. Divine Killing Breed Machine
8. Deep Rivers Of Blood
9. Firedemon
10. Welcome To Your Funeral
11. Twisted
12. Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged
13. Totalitarian Torture
14. Everything Dies
15. Born To Hate
16. Chained
17. The Other Side
18. H.B.F. Suicide
19. No Resurrection
20. Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me

carnal forge


Formed in 1997 by Jari Kuusisto & Stefan Westerberg, CARNAL FORGE released its debut, ”Who’s Gonna Burn” (War Music), in 1998.

After signing with Century Media in early 2000, the band released ”Firedemon” later in the year. Petri Kuusisto joined and the band would tour Europe supporting The Haunted and Nile and make the first of several prestigious festival appearances.

In 2001 Lars Lindén joined just to the recordings of ”Please… die!” (Lindén making his debut with the band at the year’s 2000 Decibel festival and Wacken Open Air). ”The More You Suffer” (2003) and ”Aren’t You Dead Yet” (2004) would continue to see the band expand fan and worldwide sales base as well as touring in Europe, USA & Japan, playing a number of festivals (Sweden Rock Festival (SE), Metal Meltdown (USA), Fury Fest (FR), Pressure Fest (DE), Kaltenbach Open Air (A), Summer Breeze (DE), Fuck the Commerce (DE) Metal Fest URI (CH) etc. and releasing the live DVD ”Destroy Live” (2004).

Vocalist Jens C. Mortensen would join the band’s ranks in late 2004, impressing fans with his strong live performances. In early 2005, the band began work on new material and the first pre-prod recordings with Jens were made late 2005. In 2006 demos of all songs were made and in Oct the real recordings started. In January 2007, the band signed to Candlelight Records. "Testify For My Victims" were released June 2007. Director Owe Lingvall ( has made two videos for the songs "Burning Eden" and "Numb (the dead)" (not released yet).

Band website: (
MySpace: (


* Who's Gonna Burn [1998]

* Firedemon [2000]

* Please ... Die! [2001]

* The More You Suffer [2003]

* Destroy Live [DVD] [2004]

* Aren't You Dead Yet? [2004]

* Testify For My Victims [2007]

Death/Thrash Metal

Violence, Hate, Inner Struggles

Sweden (Västerås), formed in 1997

Candlelight Records


Jens C. Mortensen - Vocals (Slapdash, Revolver, Leech)
Jari Kuusisto - Guitar (In Thy Dreams, Leech, Grasp)
Petri Kuusisto - Guitar (In Thy Dreams, Grasp, Asperity, Soulskinner (Swe))
Lars Linden - Bass (Rosicrucian, Slapdash, Headkillers, Lesnejtas, Leech)
Stefan Westerberg - Drums (In Thy Dreams, ex-Steel Attack, ex-World Below, Leech, Asperity)

Jonas Kjellgren - Vocals (Pexilated, Centinex, Scar Symmetry, World Below, ex-Dellamorte, ex-Sickinside, guest for Incapacity)
Johan Magnusson - Guitar (Construcdead)
Dennis Vestman - Bass (1997-2000) (ex-Steel Attack, Soulskinner (Swe))


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