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Autumn Storms

Album: ''Autumn Storms'' (2004)
1. Ready for Vengeance
2. Chaotic Mankind
3. Autumn Storms
4. Timeless Tears
5. By the Rail
6. At the Edge of Madness
7. Ancient Dreams
8. Squezze the Leech
9. When darkness embraces



Cardiac has been training since the year 2000 in a style mixing rock 'n' roll, harcore, stoner and metal, with the groove of the Latin roots being provided by the Spanish lyrics. Its first demo in 2002, Devaluation of Art, led Cardiac on a concert tour until 2004, year in which it issues its mini album Vivir (5 songs) with the PTRs support. This line-up is formed by Michel Maurer (drums), Raphaël Ortis (bass), Julien Emery (guitar) and Ricardo Diges (vocal). Their hard work is now bearing fruit mainly after having shared a good series of concerts with other groups (for instance, the Spanish Dover, Beholder (BHR), Kuraia) and having recorded its first album. The Swiss quartet Cardiac, although of Spanish origin, is currently looking for gigs. This group has built up its particular personality on the stage and its strong will to go beyond frontiers has pushed it to record enough material to issue its latest high quality album.

This album, called Rising the dead ("levantando a los muertos"), aviaible on Putos Records, has been produced, recorded and mixed by Sam Albert (NOSTROMO) at Uranus Studio in Geneva, then at Flon Studio in Lausanne (SAINT GERMAIN) and masterised at Sterling Sound in New York by George Marino (METALLICA /MACHINE HEAD / HATEBREED, etc). Twelve songs, out of fifteen, have been kept to issue this record (around 47 minutes) which is available as from the 2nd november 2006. The artwork has been done by Jaja (NOSTROMO)- Hardcore Solution Graphix.

The new album is a success in Spain , Switzerland ( few times on national TV TSR2 for their vidéoclip 'Dinero' produced by Julien Wey) and France, where the critic is 'excellent' (Kerrang!, Metal hammer, Heavy Rock, Los + Mejores, etc), radios (radio3, Europa FM, etc) in France and Switzerland (Transit, Couleur3, Daily-Rock, Rock Hard, etc), as a very promising international band. The single 'Mi gente' is now aviable on USA on the compilation 'The Harder, The Better' by Turkey Vulture Records. ,etc.

Melodic Dark/Death Metal

Germany (Greifswald)



Stephan - Vocals
Simon - Bass
Robert - Guitar
Dierk - Guitar
Frithjof - Drums

Enrico - Bass


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