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Killing Process

Album: ''Killing Process'' (2002)
1. Watery Grave
2. Tragical End
3. Killing Process
4. Mortal Climb
5. Earth In Sorrow
6. Winds Of Death
7. Burn In Peace
8. Under Concrete
9. Lost In Agony


Carcariass is a (Technical) Death Metal band, formed in 1991, originating from Besançon (France). The current line-up is Pascal Lanquetin (lead and rhythm guitar), Raphaël Couturier (bass and vocals), Bertrand Simonin (drums) and Jérome Lachenal (rhythm guitar). In January 2004, Jérome Lachenal joined the band as a second guitarist.

The name CARCARIASS comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the latin name of the Great White Shark.

In August 1994, the band recorded its first demo of 20 minutes on a cassette, composed of 4 songs + 1 intro. Through this demo, the band has acquired a certain recognition and it has played with bands in different concerts, notably with the Italian band Sadist, at the time of their French tour in March 1995, where Carcariass introduced the concerts.

Since 1995 the band has been playing Melodic Brutal Death Metal. And now, since 1997, the band evolved in a Technical and Melodic Death Metal.

In February 1997, the band released its first CD (9 songs) entitled "Hell On Earth". In September 1998, the band recorded its second CD, entitled "Sideral Torment" at the impuls studios in Belgium. "Killing Process" is their latest album, released in 2002.

Technical Death Metal

France (Besançon), formed in 1991

Adipocere Records


Raphaël Couturier - Bass, Vocals
Pascal Lanquetin - Guitars
Jérôme Lachenal - Guitars (Your Own Decay)
Bertrand Simonin - Drums


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