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Engraved Fear

Album: ''Engraved Fear'' (2006)
1. Within a Cathedral
2. I Am the Night
3. The Rules of Pain
4. Fear Me Not
5. Why I'll Die
6. Testimony in Impregnation
7. Subdued Pride
8. Monarch of the Red
9. Brands of Innocence
10. Twilight Chariot
11. Field of Disrespect
12. Untitled Bonus Track



Hailing out of the Ukraine, St. Julius(founder), has brought the band to a level like no other... interlacing blast-beats and ripping vocals with the mournful notes of the cathedral organ.

The band Capitollium was created in year 2000 A.D. in Ukraine (Lviv) under the attractive influence of the cold stones of a gothic cemetary by st. Julius the only member and composer of the project (-ex. Molphar, -ex. Liturgy for Nosferatu, -ex.Apostate). In 2000 the first demo material was recorded - the "Undivine Antipathy" EP.

In year 2002 "Symphony of Possession" demo LP was recorded consequently. The total running time of the recordings is 28 and 60 minutes. All music is in sympho black metal style. The material on the EP is more brutal than on the LP where are more melodies and dark harmonies. Capitollium is inspired by the mystic aspects of life and beauty of gothic times, especcially by the gothic architecture. Actually the music style of the band can be called Lithurgy Church Metal because there are many elements of the middle ages and cathedral music in their material. Both albums were recorded on Capitollium Recs., composed, designed and performed by st. Julius. In 2002 a distribution label was found - Oupiric productions (Russia). In october 2002 the first band`s release - EP "Undivine Antipathy" MC was prodused by the label. The tape was incuding 2 bonus tracks from the second demo - "Symphony of Possession", full colored (back side is black/white), pro-printed, glossy paper, featuring band photo. Circulation - 1000 copies.

In march 2004 the second Capitollium release - "Symphony of Possession" CD/MC has been prodused by Oupiric productions. CD/Tape including 13 tracks of the melodic sympho black metal. Full colored, pro-printed, glossy paper, band photo are incuded. Total running time - 60'03". Circulation - 1000 CD & 1000 MC copies. In the same year 3-rd Capitollium album was released by Russian label More Hate productions. The work was named “Seraphim’s Lair” and included 8 songs - 51 minute of Liturgy black metal in Capitollium unique style.

4-rth Capitollium album named "Engraved Fear" was recorded at the end of winter 2005. In recording process took part two session usicians: A.Sinless (Sinless, Goliard, Paganland) as a solo guitarist and Orchidea - female vocals. In 2005 year it was decided to transform Capitollium into a “live” band. The first rehearsals started in such line up: st. Julius – guitar/vocals, Demon – bass, Franzen – keyboards, Terrorist – drums. In the same year Franzen leaved the band replaced by Fosco Culto. Also the second guitarist - Antichrist joined Capitollium.

At the beginning of winter 2006 the band recorded two songs for the “Carpathian Might vol. I” - Ukrainian black metal compilation. Some time later Terrorist leaves the band and Capitollium becomes a quartet. Some rehearsals with a drum-machine were made and as a result in April 2006 a first Capitollium live show was performed. In spring 2006 the first Capitollium album "Undivine Antipathy" was re-released on CD by Oupiric productions. The CD includes several bonus tracks and a cover-version of the Evol. In summer 2006 "Engraved Fear" album was released by More Hate productions. At the same time all session musicians of the CAPITOLLIUM were dismissed.

At a current time st. Julius working on a new material.

Symphonic Black Metal

Ukraine (L'viv), formed in 2001

More Hate Productions


St. Julius - All Instruments/Vocals (ex-Apostate (Ukr), Ruina, Dragobrath, Kroda (Ukr), ex-Molphar, Leadhaze)
Terrorist - Drums (ex-Irij, Tini Zabutih Predkiv, Dogma (Ukr), ex-Ambivalence (Ukr))
Franzen - Keyboards(ex-Ambivalence (Ukr))
Antichrist - Lead Guitar (ex-Ruina, Tini Zabutih Predkiv, Kroda (Ukr)(live))

Heretic - Rhythm Guitar
Demon - Bass (ex-Ambivalence (Ukr))
Fosco Culto - Keyboards (Lamia Culta)
Arian - Drums (Lamia Culta)
Orchidea - Female Vocals
A. Sinless - Guitars


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