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Within The Dark Realm

Album: ''Within The Dark Realm'' (2004 Demo)
1. Redemption
2. Inquisitorial Principles
3. Fatal Crusades
4. My Eternal Lament for your Perished Soul
5. Voice of the Punisher
6. Vendetta
7. Retrospect


Album: ''Caerimonium'' (2005 EP)
1. Intro
2. Inquisitorial Principles
3. My Eternal Lament for your Perished Soul
4. Voice Of The Punisher
5. Redemption
6. Euphonic biblical Scale
7. Fatal Crusades (Bonus Track)



The band Lost Within was started by Ketil Espen├Žs and K. Seculis. The first one to join the band was the guitarist Thomas Tollefsen, a very talented young guitarist and the neighbour of Ketil. Thomas and Seculis had been playing with a drummer called Sindre Sivertsen earlier, so he was naturally asked to join, and he did. The last guy, who was asked, was Aslak Nag - also a very talented guitarist. With this line-up the band played two gigs in the fall of 2002. Just before these gigs, Tollefsen announced that he would have to leave the band after the gigs because of him moving to another part of the country. Shortly after this, Sivertsen announced that he would also leave the band within a few months and join a band Seculis had introduced him to - Mayflies. But the band continued playing, and got a new guitarist called Zhiva Phoenix as Thomas' replacement. He played with the band for about four months. Then the band hibernated for quite some time, before waking up again in February 2004, after one year of hibernating.

During all this time, the band always wanted to play metal. Lost Within started out as a melancholic rock-band, but always with the thought of becoming a metal-band in their minds. But it seemed to be a very hard job getting a five-piece line-up back on track. The band had made quite a few songs, so now they just needed a drummer and a guitarist.

In March 2004, the band finally had some luck, as ex-Apostasy drummer Arne Aakre Ording joined them after not playing in any band for four years! He was very enthusiastic about joining Lost Within, and the rest of the band found him to be quite a catch!

The band rehearsed as a four-piece band just one time, before Arne came up with a name we had to check out. This guy was Zebastien. He had met the band at a party a few months ago, and there was some talk about him joining. That was also the result!

Finally a five-piece band with two new and very gifted musicians! But not for long. As Nag unfortunately announced his departure in May 2004, the band was back to only being four. The reason why he quit, was because of his work taking too much time, which made it hard for him to dedicate himself to the band and music as much as he wanted to.

At this point the band naturally started looking for a new guitarist - but also a new band-name. Only two of the original members of Lost Within still played with the band, and also, the music had changed a lot. Lots of suggestions came up, but the one they felt was the best name, was Caerimonium.

And before they knew it, their last problem would be solved, when a guy called Kristian Mong moved back home to Stavanger after 5 years of studies in Trondheim. As we knew him both as a friend and a good guitarist we asked him to join our band. He was positive to our request, and by this, Caerimonium was yet again a complete band. Stronger than ever before!

Just after recording their first full length, Mong announced his departure from the band because of him moving to Oslo for new job. And yet again Caerimonium, is back to being a four-piece.

Melodic metal / Melodic black


Norway (Stavanger), formed in 2002



Aleksander Hakestad - Guitars
Aleksander Holm - Guitars
Ketil Espenæs - Bass &Vocals
Arne Aakre Ording - Drums

K. Seculis - Vocals (2002-2006)
Kristian Mong - Guitars (2003-2006)
Sondre Jorgensen - Guitars (2003-2007)
Benjamin Waldejer - Guitars (2006-2007)


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