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Gore To Banish Fear

Album: ''Gore To Banish Fear'' (2002 EP)
1. Human Decay
2. Corpse for the Theft
3. Close to Decomposing
4. Rope to Tie

Mass Emission

Album: ''Mass Emission'' (2003)
1. Mass Emission
2. Close To Decomposing
3. Mentally Aborted
4. Rope To Tie
5. Chainsaw Caesarean
6. Corpse For The Theft
7. Human Decay
8. Impaled
9. Rotten To The Core
10. Pleasure of Molestation (Hypocrisy Cover)

Promo 2007

Album: ''Promo 2007'' (2007 Demo)
1. Need for Greed
2. Clones of Industry
3. Scorn



Caedere is founded in 1998 when three members (Herbert - bass, Johan - drums and Niels - guitar/vocals) of the band Concrete decided to change the style of music they played, and therefore the name of band. After the alteration, the band had a few gigs.
In the spring of 2000 Michiel joined on vocals and Mark was added as an extra guitar player. Despite working out new material, progress was slow. In the late fall of 2000 Johan decided to leave the band because he felt that he had grown out of playing death metal. A new drummer had to be found and that resulted in the involvement of Sjoerd in February 2001. Mark left the band because of lack of contribution.
With no present songs left, Caedere set some goals to achieve; starting writing new songs, perform, making a professional recording and perhaps get a record deal with a label. These points are achieved.
After a tryout, Niels, Herbert, Michiel and Sjoerd had their first gig in October 2001.
Niels & MichielThe band recorded in February 2002 the E.P. "Gore to banish fear" (Ground ZerO studio - i.a. Pulverizer, Devious, Seizure, Izegrim, Exposing Innards and Deifecation). In March they ended up second in the Metal Battle competition. Furthermore, the band continued to play on all stages available.
After sending the E.P. to several labels, Goregiastic Records showed their interest in the band and offered a deal for releasing a full-length album. Caedere signed the contract in January 2003, and recorded their debut, like the E.P., at the Ground ZerO studio. This took place in April / May 2003. Goregiastic Records released the debut "Mass emission" on the 15th of November 2003 and distributes it throughout whole the world. "Mass emission" contains 9 own songs and the cover "Pleasure of molestation", original by Hypocrisy.
Caedere decided to search for an extra guitarist. An extra guitarist provides more intensity on stage and a wider range of diversity in the music. Thomas did an audition by playing several weeks with the band. Late December 2003 Caedere decided that he had proven to be the right person for the band. From that moment on, Caedere played as a 5-masterpiece and loads of reviews and interviews followed. These are viewable at the band's homepage.
In October 2004 Caedere started to play outside the Netherlands starting with a blasting weekend in Portugal. Two gigs were done in Porto (Hard Club) and Lisbon, and after that, the Deathfest in Ludwigshafen, Germany, followed. More gigs will be done as Caedere is about the crush all stages available!

The music could be seen as a mixture of US blast death metal and Swedish (old school) death metal. Brutal, but with a catchy edge.

Present members of Caedere are:

* Herbert Cats - bass
* Michiel Lankhorst - vocals
* Thomas Luyken - guitar
* Sjoerd Modderkolk - drums
* Niels Ottink - guitar/vocals

Death Metal


Netherlands (Haaksbergen), formed in 1998



Herbert Cats aka Kruid - Bass (1998-) (Dimensional Psychosis)
Michiel Lankhorst - Vocals (Endymaeria)
Sjoerd Modderkolk - Drums (ex-Fluisterwoud as S.Lahar)
Niels Ottink - Guitar, Vocals (1998-) (Endymaeria)
Thomas Luyken - guitars

Johan - Drums (1998-2001)
Mark - Guitar (2000-2001)


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