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Cadaveric Crematorium

Album: ''Cadaveric Crematorium'' (1999 Demo)
1. Your Impaled Mother
2. Scattered Corpse Everywhere
3. Consumed Flesh
4. Cadaveric Crematorium
5. Scream

Cry Now Motherfucker

Album: ''Cry Now Motherfucker'' (2003)
1. Incredible Hulk
2. Butcher?
3. Love In Formaling
4. Cerebral Linguefaction
5. Your Cat
6. Emorragia
7. Cadaveric Crematorium
8. Outrobus
9. Cannibal Cops
10. Hannibal Corpse

Pathologist Instability

Album: ''Pathologist Instability'' (2004)
1. Pathologist's Instability
2. Consumed Flesh
3. Love In Formaline (live)
4. Your Impaled Mother (live)
5. Serial Grinder (live)
6. Butcher? (live)
7. Your Cat (live)

cadaveric crematorium


Cadaveric Crematorium is a brutal deathgrind band from Italy. Born in 1996, after several line up changes the band with Parla (drums), Dr (vocals), C (bass) and Willi (guitar) in 1998 record the 1st selfproducted demo cd ( Cadaveric Crematorium), which received good reviews everywhere and gave ’em the chance to play many gigs in their hometown (Brescia). In 1999, C leaves the band, John become the new bass player. In the summer of 2000, Jad joins the band as second guitar player. With this line up few months later the 2nd self-produced demo cd “Cry Now Motherfucker “ would be released. This record immediately received very good reviews on ‘zines, magazines and webzines and the Cadaveric Crematorium’s name become more frequent in the voices of the underground of all Europe due also to their wild stage attitude and the song writing which bring ’em to break the typical cliché’ of a Brutal-Grind band. For this reason, in 2001, the band get involved in their first European tour with the Belgian Prejudice and Sacred Sin (Por) in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In 2002 Cadaveric Crematorium won the national Headbanging contest. They came to be managed and promoted by the Hard Cash agency as one of the best underground Italian metal bands. Because of this they start a long long slew of gigs in Italy and abroad with bands as: Necrophagist, Cephalic Carnage, Malevolent Creation, General Surgery, Goratory, Ancient, Mindsnare, Undertakers, Bastard Saint, Nefas, Snp, Cripple Bastard, Prejudice, Anthropofagius, Natron, Kataklism, Nyctophobic, Fleshless, Hypnos, Mastic Scum, etc. In the winter 2002, the band hit the road again with a 2nd European tour in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. In summer 2003, John leaves the band and Necrom becomes the new bass player. In the same year the band sign their first deal with the independent label Resound Gr!nd rec. ( Austria) and C.C. record a first Ep at the Nadir Studios produced and engineered by Tommy Talamanca ( guitar from the legendary Italian death metal band Sadist ). In summer 2004 in the same studios the band record their debut album scheduled for September 2004 keeping playing live in their 3rd European tour in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany. In 2005 C.C. break the deal with the Resound because of the totally lack of info about the record and because of several delays in the release of the album itself. Seeing that, the Italian label The Spew rec. make a deal with C.C. and in fall 2005 Serial Grinder is finally released. The record it is gets a really good feedback from reviews and people and sells everywhere( in first months of 2007 will be reissued). Several gigs follows the promotion of the record and in 2006 the band take part at the Metal Battle contest, in the summer of 2006 the play festivals as Grind Your Mother, Evolution and Wacken Open Air. Actually they are involved in songwriting that will become part of the 2nd full length with The Spew rec. which should be seen in stores in late 2007 spring…

Brutal Death Metal


Italy (Brescia), formed in 1997

The Spew Records


Dr. - vocals
PR Jad - guitars
Willy - guitars (also in Solid Noise)
Parla - drums (also in Solid Noise)
John - bass

Ci - bass


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