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The Shadows

Album: ''The Shadows' Madame'' (2002)
1. Spell
2. Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
3. In Memory Of Shadows' Madame
4. Circle Of Eternal Becoming
5. The Magic Rebirth
6. Black Glory
7. Absolute Vacuum

Far Away From Conformity

Album: ''Far Away From Conformity'' (2004)
1. Blood And Confusion
2. Eleven Three O Three
3. Irreverent Elegy
4. The Divine Rapture
5. Omen of Delirium
6. Call Me (Blondie Cover)
7. Out Body Experience
8. Prayer of Sorrow
9. Vox of Anti-Time

In Your Blood

Album: ''In Your Blood'' (2007)
1. 100.000 Faces
2. The Dream
3. Anagram
4. Memento Audere Semper
5. Laying in Black
6. Queen of Forgotten
7. Exorcism to Chaos
8. Uneven Like Clouds
9. Before the Apes Came
10. Virtual Escape from Tragedy
11. Atypical Suggestions by a Dead Artist
12. Enlightened



The band CADAVERIA (this is how the band name is supposed to be written to differ from the singer Cadaveria) was formed in 2001, after Cadaveria (vocals) and Marcelo Santos (or Flegias, drums) left Opera IX after certain disagreements among band members. CADAVERIA's initial line-up was: Cadaveria (vocals), Frank Booth (guitars), Killer Bob (bass), Baron Harkonnen (keyboard), Marcelo Santos (drums) and the band released their first album, 'The Shadows' Madame', in 2002. This first CD is, as described on the official site itself, a medley of death, black and thrash metal influences, black/death female grunts and occult, spiritual or philosophical lyrics. In 2004 CADAVERIA release their second album, 'Far Away From Conformity', this time without Baron Harkonnen, who left the band to focus on his project, DyNAbyte, in which John "Killer Bob" and CADAVERIA also play. The new album has a somewhat heavier and more progressive sound and vocals and instrumentation range from clean to extremely aggressive black metal excerpts, with the lyrics differing in many ways from the first album but remaining very personal and staying away from conformity. With the third album waiting to be released sometime in 2006, CADAVERIA is still an underground band, composing and playing music out of passion and not out of commercial interests.

Symphonic Gothic/Doom/Black Metal

Occult, Witchcraft, Paganism, Darkness, Evil

Italy (Biella), formed in 2001

Season of Mist


Cadaveria - vocals (DyNAbyte, ex-Opera IX)
Frank Booth - guitar
Killer Bob (John) - bass (DyNAbyte, Necrodeath, Raza de Odio as El Sargento)
Marcelo Santos (Flegias) - drums (Necrodeath, ex-Opera IX)

Baron Harkonnen - keyboards (2001-2003)


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